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Photos // Concrete & Masonry

Note to Self: Get A Soils Report Next Time

We budgeted nearly $50,000 for the foundation and yet ran almost 100% over budget—that hurts.

Photos // Decks & Porches

¡No Es Caña!

A common fencing material in Central and South America is cane stalks, but these are something else entirely.


Photos // Glues, Sealants, Coatings

Architectural Postcards from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an architectural voyeur’s destination, with gothic, and ornate classical buildings that rival Europe in grandeur. There are also a lot of cool homes, and street-level building craft to admire.


Photos // Framing

Medieval Mysteries What's Up with the Incessant Cantilevers?

There is more to medieval life than swords  


Photos // Windows & Doors

Las Puertas del Puerto (Rico)

Doors are like eyes, or maybe mouths. They tell you a lot about who's inside. Would you want to walk in and get to know them?   

1-bamboo-scaffold-construction-Lead shot-horiz.jpg

Photos // Safety

Barefoot on Bamboo, No Work Boots Required

Walking on a scaffold with boots is like tightening a lug molt with mittens


Photos // Framing, Woodworking

Tropical Timbers: From forest-to-framing

Like farm to table for building materials—a tour of Amazon trees and lumber

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Photos // Decks & Porches

Courtyards in Latin America

Your own private Idaho—or Argentina—inside the house​


Photos // Decks & Porches

Stairways to Heaven: Building Up, One Step at a Time

May you build a ladder to the stars, may you climb on every rung ...  


Video, Photos // Concrete & Masonry

The Tale of a Tropical Terrazzo Driveway as Built in Ecuador

An #oldschool approach to decorative concrete surfaces  


Photos // Windows & Doors

Windows Into Latin America

Are windows the eyes of a home, or a gateway to its soul? 


Photos // Framing

Sorry, No Codes (Construction Haiku)

A simple stairway Answers the question of why. Why regulations?


Photos // Decks & Porches

El Aguila: A Love of Remodeling Turned A House Into A Hotel

As family size contracts, big houses become small hotels


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Architectural Postcards from Chile and Uraguay

It’s a pleasure to stroll the streets of Colonia, Uruguay, and realize that in those homes you admire, you could also live. People do. And it’s not too expensive. 


Article, Photos // Framing

Framing the Cisterna Cottage

Tropical hardwood beams, locally-fashioned framing connectors, and mahogany siding. Who needs a view?


Photos // Concrete & Masonry, Roofing

Architectural Postcards from Mendoza, Argentina

Simple country houses, Brutalist bodegas, and superb craftsmanship  

constructing-cistern-01-LEAD PIC.jpg

Photos // Concrete & Masonry

Construyendo una Cisterna

Not all places have water that comes out of the ground courtesy of the city. Sometimes it comes out of a truck.  


Photos // Kitchens & Baths

South American Sinks

Latinos have some pretty cool lavatories. This sink illustrates the point: This cool sink gets its chic from the way it’s made, with back-splash high pieces of scraps of the marble that made the counter.