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The Parthenon's Construction and Design as Revealed in the Rubble

Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #7. Athena and Poseidon's temple of war, peace, and democracy  


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A Day in the Life of a Post-War Bricklayer

Jack Ellis is a brick layer. His work starts at 8 in the morning. Jack is working on the third floor, so he climbs the—what appears to be homemade—ladder up to get on the scaffolding.


Video Treats // Framing

Carpentry Without Nails: Traditional Japanese Home Building

A Chinese TV show that never made it on the air—until there was a YouTube.

Video Treats // Framing, Trimwork, Cabinetry, Woodworking

Japanese Carpenters Assemble a Beam with Incredibly Tight Joinery

Two Japanese carpenters demonstrate the mortise joinery used to assemble a built-up beam. The claim is that the joined beam is as strong as a solid one. #I'mBuyingIt


Video Treats // Woodworking

Build a Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker

You are 20 bucks away from a speaker that rocks


Video Treats // Kitchens, Baths


Have a good weekend

Cheetos and Charcoal.png

Video Treats // Tools

Grilling and July 4 Go Together Like Cheetos and Charcoal

A fire-starting snack that knows no borders  


Video Treats // Framing

Video Treat: Build an Epic Beach Fort

If you have kids, build this fort. If you don't have kids, build. Build like crazy because once you have kids, it will take twice as long to build anything.


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Father/Son CNC Playdate

Because kids have school projects and Dads have CNC machines.


Video Treats // Woodworking, Trimwork, Cabinetry

Cool Video of a Cool Bench Build

Angled and tapered legs make a saddle for the tapered top


Video Treats // Concrete, Masonry, Siding, Exterior Trim

Robotic Bricklayer

Can't get your bricklayers to answer the phone? Call SAM (Semi Automated Mason)

Video Treats // Framing

Timber Framing in England

A short film illustrating the path from forest to finished frame  


Video Treats // Framing, Trimwork, Cabinetry

A Carpenter's Journey to Craftsman in Germany

For three years and a day journeymen walk, work, and sleep under the stars  


Video Treats // Tools

Field Trip: Knifemaking Studio Out in the Boonies

Making old leaf springs and plumbing parts into functional art

Video Treats // Woodworking, Tools, Trimwork, Cabinetry

Totally Portable Woodworking Setup. Amazing.

A man, a plan, and some Baltic birch plywood becomes a stand-alone portable woodworking shop.


Video Treats // WRB, Flashing

Junk Design: Ancient Waterproofing Secrets

Compartmentalizing a boat revolutionized the safety of ocean navigation and saved countless lives.  

Video Treats // Concrete, Masonry, Siding, Exterior Trim

Jobsite Olympics: Hawk Spinning

Kirk Giordanos, aka, Mr. Plaster Fantaster, shows us yet another way to kill time, and amaze your kids, while waiting to get into a job: Spin a hawk on a trowel. 

Video Treats // Framing, Trimwork, Cabinetry

Build a Desktop Catapult!

Target practice is a favorite desktop diversion of many a desk jockey. Turns out it can be a bench top diversion as well. 

Naturally sloped roof: Daemokjang

Video Treats // Framing

Traditional Korean Wooden Architecture and Building: Daemokjang

"Build it right. If the wood can withstand seven centuries, I would build a house that is so constructed as to withstand a millennium. With this attitude, I would keep woodworking." —Go Taek Yeong, Skill Holder