Armchair Timberframing

timber framing a roof image

A weekend binge-watch for you—clocking in at a little over 18 minutes of master carpentry.


Flood Resistance and Cleanup Guide


Everything we've got (so far) on flood resistance, cleanup, and recovery.

Energy Star Checklist, Section 1: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

18 Videos, articles, and animations showing you how to get through Section 1 of the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. It is about the continuity between various components of the air barrier system and the thermal envelope.


Mud Sill TIP for Humpy Foundations


Use thick mudsills to span uneven expanses of an old foundation. Fill in with mortar after the sills are flat.


Stormproof Roof Deck Installation Guide


This small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain and hurricanes are real. Flashing, taping the seams, and storm-proof shingle starter strips.

Model Remodel Show: 4 MORE Energy Efficient Construction Tips


Roof framing, window options, and a mechanical advantage add up to lower bills and a higher quality home