Cutting Teeny-Weenie Tiny Small Pieces of Wood Safely


Super Glue, a bench habit, and a super sharp pull saw can help you cut the small stuff—and KEEP your fingers


Hazardous Materials Communication on the Jobsite

hazardous-materials-jobsite-msds-hazcomm copy.jpg

Just for the health of it, you should watch this video and keep the info fresh in your mind the next time you open a can of something

A Bird's Eye View of Personal Fall Arrest Systems


An in-depth look at what is involved with personal fall protection, how to use it, where it's appropriate, and where to get it

A Framer's Take on Fall Protection: #WorthIt


A few minutes up front can save tons of time when you're in the air—and it can eliminate broken ribs, a broken back, or death

Why do Buildings Fall During Earthquakes?


Brute strength will not win in a war with physics. Smart design predicts the resonance of a building and sidesteps the waves

Basic Safety Precautions When Using an Aerial Lift


Aerial lifts are a real time-saver on jobsites; with a few basic safety precautions, they can continue to be


Fall Protection: Guardrails Prevent Construction Falls, Not Landings


Guardrails provide a physical barrier between the worker and the fall hazard.  When constructed correctly, guardrails can prevent a person from falling from elevated workplaces.  

Barefoot on Bamboo, No Work Boots Required

1-bamboo-scaffold-construction-Lead shot-horiz.jpg

Walking on a scaffold with boots is like tightening a lug molt with mittens

What Happens When You Crash a Work Van?


Do not be a dummy, make sure your tools are solidly secured, and put some protection between you and them—in case they ain't.

Ladder Safety Best Practices


You can't work faster if you're in the hospital—or worse.

Safety On the Job Begins at the Top


If you don't create a culture of smart and safe work practices, who will?

Electrical Safety: Ladders, Dew, and Power Lines


This true story is taken from a NIOSH FACE Report, which identifies factors that contribute to fatal injuries and gives comprehensive recommendations for preventing similar deaths.


A Ladder Fall From Six Feet Can Be Fatal


Ladder safety is not rocket science, it boils down to using common sense and having patience.