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A Deck Screw Jig for Straight Lines


Consistent deck screw placement and spacing between deck boards comes from a system of jigs and spacers

How To Scribe Wood To Stone


An organic post base connection that sheds water and looks like a million bucks


Non-Structural Codes for Deck Guards


The non-structural requirements are pretty simple for guard rails: if there's a fall hazard, make a guard, and keep it such that it will actually stop people from falling.


Courtyards in Latin America

Your own private Idaho—or Argentina—inside the house

Deck Flashing Code Requirements

The IRC covers materials, methods, and expected performance in two little sentences, Glenn sums them up in 10 minutes.

Design and Build A Patio Roof To Tie In To An Existing Roof

Patio roof construction and design.jpg

Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #5. Two videos cover the design questions and construction process of a post and beam patio roof structure

Sketchup for Beginners: How to Build A Pergola

Seven-part sketchup tutorial with 17 videos covering ground zero (gravel) to final finish. Design on 'paper'—before making sawdust.


Synthetic Decking for 'Fine' Exterior Woodworking Projects? Yes.

—Steve Maxwell is a home improvement contractor in Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. His website and YouTube page offer many informative videos, articles, and photos.

Composite decking machines smoothly, joins well, and resists weather with the best of 'em.


Beachitecture: The Art and Science of Relaxing with a Beer

Preview-11- Lovely tones require no stain.jpg

In places where climate zones are irrelevant, form follows function, and the function includes kicking back

Ground-Level Deck Build


A no-nonsense approach to efficient deck building

2015 IRC Deck Ledger Bolt Placement

Deck ledger bolting patterns video image

The days of staggering bolts every 16 inches or so are over—especially if you want to step down to the deck

Four Deck Foundation Tips

Four tips on sizing, dealing with frost, choosing hardware, and preventing uplift

Where Ledger Meets Lath: Integrating a Deck into Stucco

Install a weep screed and wire lath for stucco wall over a deck ledger

Stucco is likely to last significantly longer than the decking, so make it easy to replace the decking without disrupting the stucco.

A Tiny House for Big Dogs


Accessory Dog Dwelling Unit for little pups that grew up