Insulation & Air Sealing

How to Answer the "Are Tight Houses Bad?" Question

When talking to homeowners or trade contractors about energy efficient construction this question is inevitable. The answer: Tight houses are good because they lower energy bills and increase comfort. But there's a big BUT

Exterior Insulation Guide: Cold Climate


Everything* you need to know about adding insulation to the outside of old homes with cold bones

The Psychrometric Chart: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science)


This chart explains how moisture behaves in the air as temperatures rise and fall—rainstorms, flooding, and glaciers in wall cavities are distinct possibilities.

Flood Resistance and Cleanup Guide


Everything we've got (so far) on flood resistance, cleanup, and recovery.

Energy Star Checklist, Section 1: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

18 Videos, articles, and animations showing you how to get through Section 1 of the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. It is about the continuity between various components of the air barrier system and the thermal envelope.


Model Remodel Show: 4 MORE Energy Efficient Construction Tips


Roof framing, window options, and a mechanical advantage add up to lower bills and a higher quality home

How Small a Hole Can A Mouse Squeeze Through? A Shrew World Record!


Matthias Wandel has a pretty extensive history devising ways to trap mice. The winters are long in Canada, and Matthias seems to have no shortage of mice in his shop.

Low-E Glass Coatings: 7 Minutes of Building Science


Low-e coatings screen infrared heat from moving through the glass, either inward, outward, or both

Four Smart Energy Upgrades for Compact Houses

Energy-efficient-building-tips-model-remodel copy.jpg

Simple upgrades to steps you take anyway can significantly boost the energy performance of a home

A Slick Transition from Foundation Insulation to Wall Sheathing


Outside insulation is an effective way to keep heat in. The devil is in the details, such as this one

Think About Batts When Running Electrical Cable


Your electrician can make the insulation work better and easier to install