Insulation, Air Sealing

Airtight Drywall: Step by Step


With blower door tests in the building code, it is up to more than just the insulators or the GC to deliver results: many trades have a stake.


Weather Barrier #DoneRight


Weather Barriers done right means weather barriers that go to work on more than just sunny days

A Thermal Peek Inside Walls: IR Cameras 101


For the price of a drywall repair, you can look inside walls with a thermal camera at insulation and air leaks

Picking a Puffer to Smoke Out Your Air Leaks


You can use your hand to detect some air leaks, but smoke puffers make other air leaks easier to "see."

Why Does Insulation Matter?


Insulation does more than slow heat flow: it sells houses, future proofs, makes floor plans bigger, and sends your kids to college. Really.


Interior Soffits That Don't Leak

Soffits should be tight boxes hidden in your ceiling.

High Performance Handbook

Two packages for high performance homes. Vented and unvented roof insulation retrofits and exterior wall insulation details along with rainscreen wall details for furring strips.

The Pen Test for Air-, Water- and Thermal-Tightness

 water-barrier 2.jpg

Water and air leaks in a building shell are difficult enough to detail on simple buildings. Complex structures can cause headaches for builders, remodelers, and architects who don't pick up their pens and trace at the design stage.

Installing a Vapor Barrier in a Sealed Crawlspace


Crawlspaces offer all of the headaches of a basement and none of the benefits. 


Rainscreen Wall with Exterior Rock Wool Insulation Board


Why a rain screen wall is important to the energy and durability detailing on a Passive House.

Exterior Insulation on the Roof and Walls (vented roof)

How to detail the foam at corners and connections when tightening the energy efficiency of an old house

Sill Seal with Flashing Tape Air Barrier


The biggest crack in the house, revisited for #ThrowbackThursday

Haiku: Thermal Bridging

Roofs get wet at night—Heat flows through the easy path—Framing is a bridge.

Exterior Roof and Wall Insulation Retrofit (Unvented Roof)

Cutaway drawing of an outside-insulated roof

Wrapping an old house in a blanket of insulation is a no-brainer when you're replacing the roofing and siding anyway

Solutions to Tricky Insulation Areas

Photo of insulating behind plumbing pipes

Electrical outlets, plumbing pipes and bathtubs are underestimated in their importance.

Exterior Insulation Guide: Cold Climate


Everything* you need to know about adding insulation to the outside of old homes with cold bones