Insulation, Air Sealing

Sill Seal with Flashing Tape Air Barrier


The biggest crack in the house, revisited for #ThrowbackThursday

Haiku: Thermal Bridging

Roofs get wet at night—Heat flows through the easy path—Framing is a bridge.

Exterior Roof and Wall Insulation Retrofit (Unvented Roof)

Cutaway drawing of an outside-insulated roof

Wrapping an old house in a blanket of insulation is a no-brainer when you're replacing the roofing and siding anyway

Solutions to Tricky Insulation Areas

Photo of insulating behind plumbing pipes

Electrical outlets, plumbing pipes and bathtubs are underestimated in their importance.

Exterior Insulation Guide: Cold Climate


Everything* you need to know about adding insulation to the outside of old homes with cold bones

Exterior Roof Insulation Retrofit (Unvented Roof)

Unvented roof with exterior foam.png

Covering the roof of an old house with a blanket of insulation makes the house more comfortable and it cuts energy use.

2015 Energy Code Updates: New Chapter for Remodelers and More

New energy codes are coming (very) soon; many states are jumping straight to the most aggressive one

Lumpy Spray Foam Doesn't Average into a Good Job


The @EnergyVanguard investigates an attic insulation job in Charleston, SC. #TheBadNews: from zero to nine inches thick in one roof. #BadDogNoBiscuit.

Exterior Foam Insulation Retrofit: How To Install Polyiso Panels


The first layer of foam is mostly an insulation layer; the outer layer is the air barrier and drainage plane. This video is about the first layer.

South American SIPS (Stucco Insulated Panel System)


A faster way to build affordable housing in a tropical climate. It is a quick build when compared to standard block and stucco.

Outie Window Installation: Weave It Into The Exterior Foam


The complete video collection on insulating, air sealing, and installing windows in a superinsulated sunroom addition in Wayland, MA

Remodeling Tip for Old Masonry Homes: Always Fur the Inside Walls

Furring the inside of masonry walls makes room for wires and can significantly improve the R-value

Blower Door Basics


How a blower door works, how to set it up, how to use it to find air leaks in a home's envelope, and how to break down the numbers.

Beat the New Energy Codes: 3 Steps to Better Walls

Better walls with better framing, insulation, and WRB details

As the 2015 IECC works into jurisdictions, required R values will eclipse what you get between the studs. In more areas, insulating on the outside of houses will become reality.

How to Answer the "Are Tight Houses Bad?" Question

When talking to homeowners or trade contractors about energy efficient construction this question is inevitable. The answer: Tight houses are good because they lower energy bills and increase comfort. But there's a big BUT