Better Hex Wrenches, Pliers, and Nut Drivers by @wihatools (3 videos)


Three tools that rock: Hex wrenches that stick, pliers that can double-down, and all of the drivers you'll ever need—in one pack.

Use a Planer to Make Your Jointer Bigger


Joint a step and use a plywood sled to plane a parallel surface, flip, repeat.


National Hardware Show Highlights: Spill-Proof Gas Can

A better mousetrap that actually catches mice. Or at least pours gas without getting your hands gassy

National Hardware Show Tool Roundup: 3 Air Compressors


Quiet, rust-free, light-weight compressors for jobsite, shop, or finish carpentry projects

Construction Falls: Skylight Safety


Falls are the number one cause of fatalities in construction, accounting for one in three deaths, or roughly 267 people every year in the US

Framing Square 101: Adjusting and Indentifying


Carpenter's squares are ubiquitous on jobsites, but the jumbo-jumbo written on them is Greek to most carpenters. Thanks, calculator.

Paslode Trim Nailer First Look


New design improves battery and cartridge installation. If Cordless trim nailers fit your workflow, this gun is a good bet


Trocas de Trabajo


Make the most of what you've got... and then pile on a little more

Totally Portable Woodworking Setup. Amazing.

A man, a plan, and some Baltic birch plywood becomes a stand-alone portable woodworking shop.

Winner of the 18V Hilti Hammer Drill!

... and the results to the Trump Vs. ShopVac poll are also in. Our winner was on the right side in both instances.

Win A Hilti 18V Cordless Drill


ProToolReviews is making the winner of the head to head tool test available to one lucky winner.

Head2Head Tool Test: 18V Drills


A crowded field of power-hungry drills is dissected with power, speed, and torque tests