Windows & Doors

Sweet Way to Bend Drip Cap For Windows


An upturned end dam for window flashing that needs no sealant and will not leak

Model Remodel Show: 4 MORE Energy Efficient Construction Tips


Roof framing, window options, and a mechanical advantage add up to lower bills and a higher quality home

Weather Proof A Garage Door Opening (4/5): Deep Door Trim


Thickening the edge with a quarter-inch strip brings the trim back to the door jamb while spanning the rain screen WRB

Low-E Glass Coatings: 7 Minutes of Building Science


Low-e coatings screen infrared heat from moving through the glass, either inward, outward, or both

Setting Window Panes with Silicone


Getting silicone to stick to the window and not your finger


Las Puertas del Puerto (Rico)


Doors are like eyes, or maybe mouths. They tell you a lot about who's inside. Would you want to walk in and get to know them? 


Cutting Slots in Old Windows for New Weatherstripping


When window replacement is not the best option, you can tighten up old windows with weatherstripping

A Quick Weather-Tight Stained Glass Replacement


Paint-on waterproofing membrane, physics, and forethought protect an old window—and allow future maintenance—while sealing a big hole in a wet and windy wall

A Better Way to Let Windows Drain


Water often finds its way into holes in the wall. It is your job to help it get out.

Modern Trim Means No Casing Around the Door—and Tricky Corner Bead


Rather than cover the joint between drywall and door frame, celebrate the gap with an architectural reglet

A Window Install in a Thick ZIP Wall


The general idea of installing windows is to plug the big hole that you just cut in the wall.