WRB & Flashing

How to Answer the "Are Tight Houses Bad?" Question

When talking to homeowners or trade contractors about energy efficient construction this question is inevitable. The answer: Tight houses are good because they lower energy bills and increase comfort. But there's a big BUT

WRB and House Wrap Installation Guide

House wraps and weather barriers can play a critical role in a high performance wall assembly. In fact, the WRB is a BFD


Sweet Way to Bend Drip Cap For Windows


An upturned end dam for window flashing that needs no sealant and will not leak

ViscoElasticity: 7 Minutes of BS (#BuildingScience)

viscoelasticity-construction-tape-stickiness copy.jpg

The science of stickiness: a molecular look at tape's adhesive and cohesive properties

Flood Resistance and Cleanup Guide


Everything we've got (so far) on flood resistance, cleanup, and recovery.

Stormproof Roof Deck Installation Guide


This small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain and hurricanes are real. Flashing, taping the seams, and storm-proof shingle starter strips.

Junk Design: Ancient Waterproofing Secrets


Compartmentalizing a boat revolutionized the safety of ocean navigation and saved countless lives.


Weather Proof A Garage Door Opening (2/5) Base Flashing

2-Weatherproof-Wall-Base Flashing-preview.jpg

Flashing under an exterior door and along the bottom of a basement wall that used to have an overhead door


Overlap Edge Metal Like A Boss


A drip edge overlapping strategy that won't catch the eye