WRB, Flashing

Rain Screen Siding Guide

Walls that can drain and dry last a lot longer than walls that stay wet. An air gap between the siding and sheathing lets both dry independently. 


There are many ways to create an air gap between yhr back of the siding and the drainage plane of the wall (WRB, exterior insulation, surface of ZIP Sheathing), here are at least a few options.

How To Install House Wrap #TheRightWay


Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #2. Stop rot with house wrap

When Drip Edge Becomes A Double Agent


Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #9. The mission of water is to turn houses to mush. Some drip edge flashings may actually help water accomplish this mission.

Kickout Flashing That Won't Leak


Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #12. Ground zero for roof rot is often where roofs meet walls.

How to Retrofit Drip Edge Roof Flashing on an Existing Roof


A look at types of drip edge flashing, how to cut it, and how to retrofit it to an existing roof.

Roof Flashing Guide

Edge metal, valley flashing, dormer, chimney, and kickout flashing shed water away from the connections between roofs, walls, chimneys, and other building assemblies

Innie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation


Recessed into thick layers of insulation, innie windows are protected from the weather


Roof to Wall Stucco Flashing Repair


I get this question all the time: "Stucco all the way down to the roofing: right or wrong?" Answer: WRONG. and here's why...


Airtight Walls—Housewrap and Sheathing as an Air Barrier

Exterior Air Barrier-2.0.jpg

A tight air barrier is the best way to build an energy-efficient house. Outside the sheathing are many chances to make it better.

Outie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation


A thermal break and solid backing puts the window on the outer face of a thick wall. Now, there's room on the inside window sill for cats and bowling trophies


How to Install and Flash a Tubular Skylight


Flash the boot like any other roof penetration, and snap the tube into place—just make sure to align the hole between the ceiling joists...


Head Flashing for Windows

Head-flashing-window. Jpg

This critical element is often omitted from window installation


Step Flashing 2 Brick: Its Complicated


Flashing must extend all the way from the wall to the outside. Oh yeah, and it has to be watertight and eight people have to work on it...


Window and WRB: Integration Keeps Water Out of Walls


Sealing the layers—and overlapping them right—is how high performance building gets done

The Right Way (and a wrong one) To Flash a Dryer Vent

Install-a dryer-vent-hood.png

Holes in walls amount to big walls full of holes unless you seal the hole after you make it