Jobsite Olympics: Water vs. AdvanTech Subfloor


Wet wood is a fact of life. What happens to wood that gets wet, is a whole 'nother story


Battling subfloor swelling and sanding on the jobsite? Watch how two engineered wood subfloor brands hold up to a pressurized, water-soak test, in this quick demonstration video.


Video Transcript:

We’re going to do vacuum-pressure soak with OSB vs. AdvanTech. You can see right now that the products are essentially level. We’ll stack 3 of AdvanTech on the bottom, along with 3 of the OSB, and then stack 2 on top, stack the weights on and fill it with water.

Now Jason’s going to turn on the pump, and we’re officially putting the vacuum on, sucking water into the wood substrate. Area siphons off, and we now have a vacuum being pulled and you can see you can’t pull the top off - and we’re going to pull that vacuum for 10 minutes.

We’ve been soaking in ambient water for ten minutes now. Jason will pull them out, and we’ll get a visual reference as to how much water they have taken in and swollen in overall thickness.

Alright, so as you can see here, the OSB has taken on the water and has swollen a fairly significant amount more than the AdvanTech.


AdvanTech: 1, Water: 0


—This video is provided by AdvanTech® flooring, one of ProTradeCraft’s advertisers. AdvanTech flooring is a name builders trust for unique combination of strength and moisture resistance for subfloor that installs fast and stays flat. Find an AdvanTech flooring dealer near you.


I get it, Advan Tech did better than the other brand. That said, in my experience as a builder for over 30 years, AT doesn't not perform well when exposed to moisture. In fact, plywood outperforms it by a wide margin. I can tell you, if AT or other OSB is exposed to water for any extended period of time it will turn into something that resembles shredded wheat. 



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