Tech Tip: How to Solve The Subfloor Puddle Problem


AdvanTech flooring is a water resistant, dimensionally stable engineered strand product that was designed to withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays.


Sweep or wet-vac them away. With AdvanTech, puddles are not a problem.


AdvanTech flooring is a water resistant, dimensionally stable engineered strand product that was designed to withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays.

In some areas, frequent and lengthy rain storms result in standing water on the floor systems of buildings under construction. Although AdvanTech flooring will remain dimensionally stable in these conditions, it is best to remove standing water from the floor deck to expedite the drying process.

The floor deck should be dry prior to installation of finish floor coverings.


Puddle removal options:

  1. Sweeping and wet vacuuming are the preferred options for removing standing water on floor decks. Sweeping may be difficult if wall framing has been installed.
  2. Drilling well spaced weep holes no greater than ½” is a common approach but is the least effective method for removing standing water. If the floor deck is relatively flat, the weep hole will only drain water in the immediate vicinity of the hole.


Preventing puddles in the first place:

Plastic tarps spread on the floor deck prior to rainfall are the best prevention against accumulation of standing water. However, this option is only feasible if wall framing has not been erected.

Additionally, care must be taken to prevent water from collecting under the tarp. Water trapped between the tarp and the decking may contribute to development of mold and mildew. It is therefore best to remove tarps as soon as rainfall has stopped.

Water repellent coatings are not recommended with AdvanTech flooring since they may interfere with the performance of finish floor coverings and may void the limited lifetime warranty. 


—This tech tip is provided by AdvanTech® flooring, one of ProTradeCraft’s advertisers. AdvanTech flooring is a name builders trust for unique combination of strength and moisture resistance for subfloor that installs fast and stays flat. Find an AdvanTech flooring dealer near you.



Sounds like a great product. Too bad that here in Oregon I've tried several times emailing the company and I called and left a message for the regional rep to call me back. It's been over 4 months now with no response. I assume this is an east coast product. My suppliers can get it here but it's more expensive and I have to order in quantity. I'll stick to plywood and prime my decks like I've done for the past 10 years. That were some of the questions I've been asking but I've gotten no feedback.

From my experience advantech subfloor is a superior product verse every other engineered OSB out there. We have used edge gold as well as point six and they both have swelled up at the edges to the point of having to use a floor sander to knock them down. Advantech has been the only product in our experience that can withstand substantial rainfall and hold its edges together. To me the added cost is worth it.  Where we are from it only adds an additional $200-$400 in cost over other product on a standard 2000 SF ranch. So for use that cost is easily justified for such a better product.  


Thank you for your interest in AdvanTech subfloors. I am sorry to hear about your communications attempts. May I offer to call our hotline at 1.800.933.9220 or submit technical questions online here: You can also find your local Huber representatives' contact information here:  Our products are predominantly manufactured in the Eastern half of the country, however as it sounds like you may have heard from your dealer already that it is possible to receive product from our Oklahoma manufacturing facility. Again, my apologies for your inconvenience. I hope we can be of service to you.


Kristin Michael

Huber Engineered Woods

Brand Marketing Manager


I appreciate the response. It is now October 30th and I just saw your post from July. As a builder I shouldn't have to go through blogs to find out information on a product. I can do my research but we still need to talk to an actual person. Try as I may using those numbers nobody has returned my calls. Here in Oregon without doing much research there is nobody I know that is using your product. I'm sure there is but even the lumber yards are not telling me that anyone else is ordering it. I went on a gut feeling though and ordered a unit to deck a new smaller ranch home we're building. It took over two weeks to get the unit shipped here. I was two sheets short on finishing the deck so I had to use plywood for those sheets because I couldn't get anymore for a few weeks and probably not 2-3 sheets only. That's a detriment when were building. I have to say this is a very dense and heavier than plywood product. The panels appear to be of better tolerance than plywood (I won't use OSB for decking). They fit together precisely and overall I'm impressed and the fastener cheats imprinted on the material is a plus. When I used plywood before I always primed my decks prior to framing if building in the rainy season. This kept swelling and delamination to a minimum. I've never used OSB for decking but from what I could tell the swelling alone made me worry especially if I had hardwood going down and most tile is best on plywood. I don't know about Advantech if tile can go directly on top if using Schluter Ditra. Advantech has been down about two weeks and we're going through framing now. Each morning we go out with a squeegee and remove any surface water before framing. We not only glued the edges and all joist connection but also the T&G so for the most part we have a waterproof deck now. Nothing appears to be seeping through into the crawl space. We also build to a higher energy standard and caulk and foam all cracks, holes and plates. I suppose the main reason more contractors are not using your product here is both cost and not knowing about it. Cost alone would cause the production builders to stay away from this product but for us smaller custom home builders that can capture the additional cost in our proposal and explain to the customer why we use certain materials it's a no brainer. We also don't use OSB for wall or roof sheathing and only use 5ply plywood. Yes it's more expensive but nails don't blow through the veneers and it's much stronger. i will use this product again but will have to make sure I have enough material on hand. 

Thank you again,



Oglesby Construction Company, Inc.

Hello,  I put some Thompson’s water seal on my advantech sub floor thinking it would help.  We have had so much rain and could not get framers started for months after putting down my advantech flooring.  Will it hurt my flooring.  Been seeping and vacuuming water when able but Water has stood on floors plenty due to so much rain.  Thank you

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