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Frost-Protected Monolithic Slab

An affordable insulated slab foundation suitable for climate zones 4, 5, and 6


details // Framing, WRB & Flashing, Insulation & Air Sealing

A Slick Transition from Foundation Insulation to Wall Sheathing

Outside insulation is an effective way to keep heat in. The devil is in the details, such as this one


details // Framing, WRB & Flashing, Decks & Porches

Weaving a Deck Ledger into a Wall With Thick ZIP Panels

Peel and stick Z-flashing and some padding pushes a ledger flush with the face of the thick panels. A cover sheet of peel and stick completely waterproof the ledger before the deck is framed

details // Roofing, WRB & Flashing

Flashing a Wood-Framed Chimney w/a Copper Cricket Cap

Flashing a wood-framed chimney is like flashing a dormer, except there’s no roof behind it. Without protection, water can leak into the joint and rot your walls to direct uphill water away


details // Paints, Glues, & Sealants, Insulation & Air Sealing, Kitchens & Baths

Seal Holes from Pipes and Wires

An item on the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. Item 5.1.2, to be exact ...


details // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors

A Window Install in a Thick ZIP Wall

The general idea of installing windows is to plug the big hole that you just cut in the wall.


details // Framing, Insulation & Air Sealing

Airseal the Rim Joist and Wall Framing Connection

Glue the rim joist, caulk the gaps, and overhang the wall sheathing to tighten this leaky building assembly  


details // Concrete & Masonry, Roofing, WRB & Flashing

Step Flashing 2 Brick: Its Complicated

Flashing must extend all the way from the wall to the outside. Oh yeah, and it has to be watertight and eight people have to work on it...  


details // HVAC & Mechanicals

A Simple Balanced Ventilation System

Two fans talk to each other to replace stale air with fresh air  


details // Roofing, WRB & Flashing

How to Flash an Open Valley with W-Type Valley Metal

Roof valleys are like gutters with a steep pitch; but the stakes are higher for valleys than they are for gutters  


details // Framing, Insulation & Air Sealing

Raised Heel Roof Framing Options That Make Space For Insulation

Whether using roof trusses or stick framing a roof frame, if you make space above the exterior walls, your energy performance will thank you.  


details // WRB & Flashing, Insulation & Air Sealing

Flashing Pipes, Framing, and Exhaust Vents in Exterior Walls

For walls with a pre-applied weather barrier, make sure the tape is compatible with the WRB coating—or use a primer  


details // Framing, HVAC & Mechanicals, Insulation & Air Sealing

Airtight Dropped Soffit for Ducts, Fans, or Can Lights

Keep mechanical equipment within the envelope to improve the quality of houses and homes


details // Framing

Advanced Framing for Framers

A collection of details that make sense for most framers to incorporate into their SOP—based on feedback from framers who do it a lot.


details // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors

Innie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation

Recessed into thick layers of insulation, innie windows are protected from the weather  


details // Roofing, WRB & Flashing

Dormer Flashing Details in 4D

Concentrate on the corners and think like water when overlapping the layers  

Exterior Air Barrier-2.0.jpg

details // Framing, Siding & Exterior Trim, WRB & Flashing, Insulation & Air Sealing

Airtight Walls—Housewrap and Sheathing as an Air Barrier

A tight air barrier is the best way to build an energy-efficient house. Outside the sheathing are many chances to make it better.


details // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors, Insulation & Air Sealing

Outie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation

A thermal break and solid backing puts the window on the outer face of a thick wall. Now, there's room on the inside window sill for cats and bowling trophies  


details // Roofing, Siding & Exterior Trim, WRB & Flashing

Kickout Flashing That Won't Leak

Ground zero for roof rot is often where roofs meet walls.


details // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors

Window and WRB: Integration Keeps Water Out of Walls

Sealing the layers—and overlapping them right—is how high performance building gets done