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Video Treats // Framing

Installing Sill Plates and Floor Beams in a Japanese Timber Frame

Construction methods differ from country to country but are especially different in Japan.


Video Treats // Concrete, Masonry

Building a Stem Wall Foundation in Japan

Some familiar and not-so-familiar techniques for building concrete foundations.

Video about a rolling parts rack that extends from either side of a van

Video Treats // Tools

An Ingenious Rolling Parts Rack

This vehicle-mounted storage system extends from either side of the van.

Timothy Wilmots' System Workbench.png

Video Treats // Tools

Timothy Wilmots’ System Workbench

This incredible bench is more than just a work table; it’s an essential tool in the shop.

Workers building a brick house

Video Treats // Best Practices

Homebuilding in Australia Circa 1946

This old school training film shows some familiar and unfamiliar construction methods once used down under.

Video Treats // Framing

A Robotic Layout Machine

This Roomba-like device can navigate a room and print complicated layout on the floor.


Video Treats // Safety, Tools

What Happens When You Crash a Work Van?

Do not be a dummy, make sure your tools are solidly secured, and put some protection between you and them—in case they ain't.  

Video showing the Guardian GT Big Arm robot

Video Treats // Tools

A Human Controlled Jobsite Robot

You get paid for what you do and what you know. If robots can do what you do, then is time to know more.


Video Treats // Woodworking

Two Ways to Cut Mortise and Tenon Joints

Which method is better—by hand or machine?


Video Treats // Tools

Product Review: iClone App Boosts Contractor Productivity

Need an extra hand on the job? Fire up the iClone app and match the settings to the task at hand.


Video Treats // Woodworking

'Floating' Waterfall Coffee Table

All you need to build this table is biscuits, bowties, Festools, and straight edges...  


Video Treats // Woodworking

OldSchool Woodworker Chatting it up in his Shop

"Seventh-grade shop was probably the most fun I had in all my school days. That was kind of the beginning of my woodworking career. Here I am, decades later, still sort of in seventh-grade shop." —Edward Wohl


Video Treats // Framing, Trimwork, Cabinetry, Woodworking

The Woodworker: 1940 Vocational Guidance Film

A film on the many aspects of woodworking that go into building things with wood—including a pre-robot look at technology displacing workers  

Video Treats //

The Parthenon's Construction and Design as Revealed in the Rubble

Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #7. Athena and Poseidon's temple of war, peace, and democracy  


Video Treats // Concrete, Masonry

A Day in the Life of a Post-War Bricklayer

Jack Ellis is a brick layer. His work starts at 8 in the morning. Jack is working on the third floor, so he climbs the—what appears to be homemade—ladder up to get on the scaffolding.


Video Treats // Framing

Carpentry Without Nails: Traditional Japanese Home Building

A Chinese TV show that never made it on the air—until there was a YouTube.


Video Treats // Tools

Jobsite Magic Trick: Balance 13 Nails on the Head of One

Swindle Amaze your co-workers with this tailgate bar trick!

Video Treats // Framing, Trimwork, Cabinetry, Woodworking

Japanese Carpenters Assemble a Beam with Incredibly Tight Joinery

Two Japanese carpenters demonstrate the mortise joinery used to assemble a built-up beam. The claim is that the joined beam is as strong as a solid one. #I'mBuyingIt