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Video Treats // Tools

Video Treat: Time Lapse Dust Collection Setup

Samurai Carpenter sets up a system in his newly remodeled and outfitted shop.

Bamboo-house-in Thailand

Video Treats // Framing

Magical Houses Made from Bamboo

What it is like to design and build houses without CDX and drywall: Freeing, captivating, undulating, and addictive. 

Image of power trowel on a concrete slab

Video Treats // Concrete & Masonry

Behind the Scenes of a ProTradeCraft Video Shoot

A mashup of various footage shot for the Rapacious Creditor series

Alaska sawmill.png

Video Treats // Tools

Video Treat: Turn a Log into Lumber with an 'Alaska Sawmill'

Watch a guy make slab lumber out of a redwood log with nothing but a chainsaw, some planks, and a lever. [OK—and a dustmask and hearing protection]

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Video Treat: Bugs, Microbes, Biofuels, and Coffee

No, this video is not all that focused on home building and remodeling. BUT, bugs, do indeed find homes in houses, coffee is a large part of any jobsite, and biofuels—well, they have always been part of the construction landscape in one form or another.

Saw Horse roundup

Video Treats // Framing

Sawhorse Extravaganza

9 Great sawhorse designs for whatever your needs are.


Video Treats // Tools

Video Treat: New Sliding Table Saw

For all of us who have never had the pleasure of buying and unpacking a new sliding table table saw, this weekend video treat is for you.

image of stop motion video shoot

Video Treats // Tools

Video Treat: How He Did It (Stop Motion Table Saw Video)

A few weeks ago we shared a self-assembling table saw stop-motion video. This week, we're sharing the story behind the video.

Video Treats // Tools

VIDEO Treat: Self-Assembling Table Saw

How to save time on tool maintenance