Adjustable Deck Tension Tie Installation Instructions

July 8, 2017


Meet code with the only deck tension tie engineered to adjust

Section R507.2.4 of the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) has included new prescriptive construction details that require the builder to install connections to transfer lateral loads from the deck to the house structure.

IRC Figure R507.2.3(2) specifically shows the requirement of installing a “Hold-Down Device” with a minimum allowable tension load of 750 lbs. in four (4) locations on the deck.


​ADTT | Adjustable Deck Tension Tie Features and Benefits:

  • Exceeds 2015 IRC lateral attachment requirements
  • Adjustable design accommodates multiple deck joists
  • Installs with either 3/8” lag bolt or WS screw
  • Transfers lateral loads from the deck to the house structure
  • 2-hole break-out washer (BO-W) will work with either USP WS screws or 3/8" lag screws.
  • Adjustability minimizes the need for additional blocking.


Adjustable Deck Tension Tie Kit

The ADTT-TZKT KIT has everything required to build or retrofit a deck to be code compliant. The kit includes:

  • Four Deck Tension Ties
  • Four 8-in WS Structural Screws
  • Forty #9 x 1 3/8 in LumberLok Screws

Step 1

Determine location of interior framing for installa­tion of USP’s WS8-HDG or 3/8-in HDG lag screw.

Mark that location on the exterior wall aligned with the deck joist and the interior wall framing.

Note: The band joist is not an adequate attachment



Step 2

Use tool or blunt object to remove the 2-hole breakout washer (BO-W) from ADTT-TZ body.

The WS8-HDG screw will utilize the smaller hole and a 3/8-in HDG lag 
screw uses the larger hole.



Step 3

Thread the screw through BO-W and the large 7/16-in hole at the base of the ADTT-TZ.

Thread from the outside of the part. Bend front brace of ADTT-TZ away from vertical supports at approximately a 45-degree angle.



Step 4

With the ADTT-TZ still attached, use a power driver to begin driving the screw into the structure at the location marked in step number 1.

Drive screw horizontally and aligned vertically with the deck joist into structure approximately 3-in to 4-in allowing room for the installation of the ADTT-TZ in front of the joist hanger seat (if present).

There will be 4-in- 5-in of screw showing at the conclusion of this step.



Step 5

Align the vertical legs of the ADTT-TZ in a plumb position with the two leg flanges positioned on either side of the deck joist member.

At this time, you will need to bend the front brace at the proper angle for installation.



Step 6

With the screw head and washer tight to the ADTT-TZ, install four (4) 10d (0.148-in) x 1-1/2-in nails or (4) LL915 (#9 x 1-3/8-in) LumberLok screws into vertical legs (Two (2) on each side of deck joist).

Ensure that vertical legs and the body of the ADTT-TZ are kept in a vertical position during this step.



Step 7

Bend front brace to proper angle so it is tight to the bottom side of the deck joist.

Secure front brace with six (6) 10d (0.148-in) x 1-1/2-in nails or (6) LL915 (#9 x 1-3/8-in) LumberLok Screws.


Step 8 

Re-tighten the WS8-HDG or 3/8-in lag screw as needed to fully engage with the ADTT-TZ.



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