Install ZIP System Tapes: Stretch Tape and 3-Inch Flashing Tape

March 27, 2018




Video 1: When your build throws you a curve, only ZIP System stretch tape has you covered


One piece easily flexes, stretches, and bends around difficult areas like window sills, wall penetrations, curved edges, and fasteners to lock out moisture and protect your build. With superior acrylic adhesion, you get an energy-efficient seal that’s better than butyl or asphalt, but can also be pulled up, repositioned, and reapplied for a hassle-free installation.

Better yet, ZIP System stretch tape comes with a 180-day exposure guarantee, and can withstand cold temperature application as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit—so you know your build is protected no matter what the weather.

Flexible, versatile, and totally revolutionary — ZIP System stretch tape makes simple work of your toughest applications. 


Video 2: Lock out moisture and air with trusty Zip System tape


Learn how to load, gun, and roll ZIP System tape onto ZIP System sheathing panels.


Load the tape into the tape gun

Loading the gun is easy.

  • Unlock and load the tape so it unwinds counterclockwise.
  • Feed the tape under the pressure roller, then press, pull, and gun it.


Video 3: Roll the tape on with the tape gun

You can gun it to install ZIP System tape using the exclusive tape gun.

  • Starting at one end of the panel with one hand on the pistol grip and one hand on the bar, pull the trigger and roll the tape.
  • The gun seals and smooths the tape as you go in one easy step.


Video 4: Roll the tape on by hand

You can tape ZIP System seams by hand.

  • Just start at one end of the panel and roll.
  • Then seal and smooth the tape with the J-roller.

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s tight. 


—This video is provided by ZIP System®, one of ProTradeCraft’s advertisers. A next-generation exterior roof and wall solution, ZIP System streamlines the weatherization process with an integrated water-resistive barrier and taped seams replacing the need for house wrap or felt, while eliminating the risk of trapped water between sheathing and barrier and protecting against air leakage. View all Zip System's content