Kickout Flashing Keeps Water Out of Walls

April 28, 2022

Kickout flashing at the intersection of a roof and wall

Rain should run off the roof and into the gutter: Kickout flashing helps rain do that

Step flashing protects the gap where roofs meet walls by weaving into the roof shingles. At the bottom of the roof, water needs to be directed away from the wall or you'll get a cascade of moss, mold, and rot.

If not directed away, water can pour into walls behind the siding cut that points up the roof rake.

The bottom piece of step flashing can be bent in such a way that it deflects water away from the sidewall and into a gutter. That is what kickout flashing is: Bent step flashing that directs water away from the wall.

You can also buy preformed kick-out flashings.