Installing a Roof Deck


This small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain is real.

Decking a Roof (3): Measuring Hip Panels


The nuances of measuring is what separates the kids from the carpenters

Decking a Roof (2): Workflow for Framing Carpenters



Decking the field and delegating responsibility


In the first part of this series, we talked about snapping a line to get the first course of roof deck off to a good start.

Medieval Mysteries What's Up with the Incessant Cantilevers?



There is more to medieval life than swords


In this episode of Shadiversity—the guy's name is 'Shad' and he is a walking university of geeky topics, including (but not limited to) swords—Shad diverges from swords to talk about medieval building architecture.

It seemed like a good weekend video treat.


A Slick Transition from Foundation Insulation to Wall Sheathing


Outside insulation is an effective way to keep heat in. The devil is in the details, such as this one

Why do Buildings Fall During Earthquakes?


Brute strength will not win in a war with physics. Smart design predicts the resonance of a building and sidesteps the waves

Stormproof Roof Deck: Seam Taping Sequence


Overlapping tapes with gravity in mind keeps water out of the house

Yet Another Video About Sturdy Saw Horses


Four straight 2x6s, a lot of glue, a mortiser, planer, sharp chisels, band saw, forstner bits, a block plane, oscillating spindle sander, and a rubber mallet are all you need

Traditional Korean Wooden Architecture and Building: Daemokjang

Naturally sloped roof: Daemokjang

"Build it right. If the wood can withstand seven centuries, I would build a house that is so constructed as to withstand a millennium. With this attitude, I would keep woodworking."

—Go Taek Yeong, Skill Holder

Tropical Timbers: From forest-to-framing


Like farm to table for building materials—a tour of Amazon trees and lumber

The Model ReModel Show: A Sprint to Dry In


Raised heel trusses and a sealed roof deck make a fast energy efficient roof system