Weaving a Deck Ledger into a Wall With Thick ZIP Panels


Peel and stick Z-flashing and some padding pushes a ledger flush with the face of the thick panels. A cover sheet of peel and stick completely waterproof the ledger before the deck is framed 

Framing tip: Wood Moves, Toilets Don't


What's worse than a plumber with a Sawzall? A carpenter who causes it.

The Model ReModel Show: A Humpy Bumpy Foundation


Floor layout and framing, some good news from the building inspector, and a pleasant surprise on the adhesive front

Sorry, No Codes (Construction Haiku)


A simple stairway
Answers the question of why.
Why regulations?

4 Ways to Sharpen a Carpenter's Pencil

Pencil Sharpening Screenshot Thumbnail.jpg

Why square pencils are better than round ones, and a handful of trick-sharpening methods from a master carpenter

Airtight Dropped Soffit for Ducts, Fans, or Can Lights


Keep mechanical equipment within the envelope to improve the quality of houses and homes

Gut Rehab and Addition Double the Size of A Minneapolis Foursquare


This first video in the series focuses on the existing conditions and the demolition sequence. Following videos look at the foundation, framing, exterior shell, and exterior finishes.

Advanced Framing Do's and Don't Bothers from an Architect


Just because you draw it doesn't mean they'll build it that way. Know what makes sense, what the framer can execute, and forget about designing in two-foot modules

Airseal the Rim Joist and Wall Framing Connection


Glue the rim joist, caulk the gaps, and overhang the wall sheathing to tighten this leaky building assembly


Framing the Cisterna Cottage


Tropical hardwood beams, locally-fashioned framing connectors, and mahogany siding. Who needs a view?

How to Remove a (really) Difficult Subfloor


Long wedges cut from 2x4s are extremely effective for removing difficult flooring. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sledgehammer.