Concrete & Masonry

A Carpenter's First Time Building Concrete Countertops


Guts, grout, and happy accidents make concrete countertops that look like stone—at least to non-geologists

A Brick Wall Flashing and Insulation Retrofit


A retrofit solution that works great for a low-skill workforce—like volunteers

Pour a Concrete Driveway


Tying into an existing driveway involves digging, spec-ing, sloping, pouring, and brooming. 

Makita's OSHA-Compliant Silica Dust Extractor


A solid workhorse that sucks better than many other HEPA vacs at a great price point

Frost-Protected Monolithic Slab


An affordable insulated slab foundation suitable for climate zones 4, 5, and 6

The Model ReModel Show: A Humpy Bumpy Foundation


Floor layout and framing, some good news from the building inspector, and a pleasant surprise on the adhesive front

Gut Rehab and Addition Double the Size of A Minneapolis Foursquare


This first video in the series focuses on the existing conditions and the demolition sequence. Following videos look at the foundation, framing, exterior shell, and exterior finishes.

Step Flashing 2 Brick: Its Complicated


Flashing must extend all the way from the wall to the outside. Oh yeah, and it has to be watertight and eight people have to work on it...


Ten Myths About Concrete Construction


Another effort in the never-ending war on bad information and ingrained myths