Concrete & Masonry

Ten Myths About Concrete Construction


Another effort in the never-ending war on bad information and ingrained myths


Construyendo una Cisterna

constructing-cistern-01-LEAD PIC.jpg

Not all places have water that comes out of the ground courtesy of the city. Sometimes it comes out of a truck.


Building a Stem Wall Foundation in Japan


Some familiar and not-so-familiar techniques for building concrete foundations.

How to Form Place and Finish Concrete Stairs


A split riser allows you to remove the forms without damaging wet concrete.

Gut Rehab and Addition Double the Size of A Minneapolis Foursquare


This first video in the series focuses on the existing conditions and the demolition sequence. Following videos look at the foundation, framing, exterior shell, and exterior finishes.

Energy Star Checklist, Section 1: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist: Overall Air Barrier and Thermal Alignment

18 Videos, articles, and animations showing you how to get through Section 1 of the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. It is about the continuity between various components of the air barrier system and the thermal envelope.


Efflorescence: 7 Minutes of BS


A snowball effect of physics vs. physical structures: water carries salt to the surface of masonry, which crystallizes and can blow apart its masonry host.

Tropical Terrazzo (Granito)

— Fernando Pagés Ruiz is ProTradeCraft's Latin America Editor. He is currently building a business in Ecuador and a house in Mexico. Formerly, he was a builder in the Great Plains and mountain states. He is author of Building an Affordable House and Affordable Remodel (Taunton Press).

An #oldschool approach to decorative concrete surfaces


Not Everything Should be Built for the Ages

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Good amortization doesn't always involve using a building forever—sometimes, it means recapturing the space when the building corrodes