Gut Rehab and Addition Double the Size of A Minneapolis Foursquare


This first video in the series focuses on the existing conditions and the demolition sequence. Following videos look at the foundation, framing, exterior shell, and exterior finishes.

The Model: Remodel Show — A Quick Take Down



This time on the Model remodel Show, Ben and the crew aim to take back some of the calendar that winter stole with a late March snow storm.

Over the winter, one way to save time and labor costs became clear: Forget about trying to save little pieces and parts and knock it down to the bare foundation.

They begin with the roof, newest sections first, then they pluck the walls and cut up the floor, using a small excavator for extra muscle.

Demo Tip: Take Your Time


Take your time. Work slow. Be organized. You will get done faster.

How to Remove a (really) Difficult Subfloor


Long wedges cut from 2x4s are extremely effective for removing difficult flooring. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sledgehammer.


Hand Tool Picks from the #NationalHardwareShow


The continuing saga of a year's worth of tools reviewed in a weekend: demo, digging, door-setting, and deep-detection

A Wet Wall Demolition Project

A hidden funnel between inside and out dumps water into the wall

Demolition time

Wrecking bar, hammer
A pry bar, and a cat's paw—
Surgical demo