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Construction Training Demos on the Main Stage at International Builders' Show


Learn the what, how, and why behind high performance building and remodeling with the editors, carpenters, and engineers behind ProTradeCraft


Essential Videos and Articles of 2016


A peek inside the heads of ProTradeCraft users: the top articles, videos, and animations of the year.


A Thankful Note from the Editor


I am thankful for copy editors because they make me sound smart

Live Demos in Boston at ABX


Hands-on training with local pros at the largest construction event in the Northeast

How to Get A Big Pfat Raise

 Self Destruct.jpg

When it comes to boosting your bottom line, little raises will make little difference. Instead, aim high.


How to Negotiate a Better Starting Salary at a New Job: DON'T

This podcast is about how to improve your career trajectory by understanding the big picture, little picture, and the medium picture.

2015 Essential Videos and Articles at ProTradeCraft

The most watched, read, and explored content from ProTradeCraft's first six months: videos, articles photo collections and animated details