The Model ReModel Show: A Sprint to Dry In


Raised heel trusses and a sealed roof deck make a fast energy efficient roof system

A Slick Transition from Foundation Insulation to Wall Sheathing


Outside insulation is an effective way to keep heat in. The devil is in the details, such as this one

Homebuilding Smackdown: Science vs. Hurricane


The top reason to study engineering in college: Wall of Wind. Yay Science!

How to Attach a Patio Roof to an Existing House

A video about patio roof plans

Two videos cover the design questions and construction process of a post and beam patio roof structure


Energy Efficient Framing Guide


A field-tested collection of videos, articles, and animated details on practical improvements to the framing process that strips out the less-valuable 'advice' often passed on by others.  

Weaving a Deck Ledger into a Wall With Thick ZIP Panels


Peel and stick Z-flashing and some padding pushes a ledger flush with the face of the thick panels. A cover sheet of peel and stick completely waterproof the ledger before the deck is framed 

Framing tip: Wood Moves, Toilets Don't


What's worse than a plumber with a Sawzall? A carpenter who causes it.

The Model ReModel Show: A Humpy Bumpy Foundation


Floor layout and framing, some good news from the building inspector, and a pleasant surprise on the adhesive front

Sorry, No Codes (Construction Haiku)


A simple stairway
Answers the question of why.
Why regulations?

4 Ways to Sharpen a Carpenter's Pencil

Pencil Sharpening Screenshot Thumbnail.jpg

Why square pencils are better than round ones, and a handful of trick-sharpening methods from a master carpenter