HVAC & Mechanicals

Residential Grow Rooms: 7 Minutes of BS


Extreme heat and humidity can drive moisture deep into framing cavities which can cause mold, rot, and structural damage

The Right Tin Snip for the Job


Left-, right-, and straight-cutting snips with single- and compound-leverage each have their place on a jobsite

Think About Batts When Running Electrical Cable


Your electrician can make the insulation work better and easier to install


How Deep is Deep Enough to Bury Ducts?

Turns out, ducts buried under insulation actually can work to save energy and eliminate condensation inside the ducts. If you seal and insulate them first


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): 7 Minutes of BS


Three-pronged solution to indoor pollution: Isolate, eliminate, and ventilate

A Simple Balanced Ventilation System


Two fans talk to each other to replace stale air with fresh air


Make Up Air: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science w/a Beat)


Houses cannot expand and contract with changes in pressure like balloons can. Instead, they need paths for air to balance the pressure

The Engineering, Building Science, and Code Implications of Marijuana Grow Rooms


Like kitchen & bath remodels, it involves plumbing, ventilation, electrical upgrades, waterproofing, and building inspectors


Airtight Dropped Soffit for Ducts, Fans, or Can Lights


Keep mechanical equipment within the envelope to improve the quality of houses and homes

Moisture Management Design Rule 2: Manage Condensation

Condensation is when moisture in the air hits a cool enough surface to convert the vapor into water.

Mechanical Ventilation: 7 Minutes of BS


As houses are built tighter, they exchange less air between inside and outside. This saves energy, but the inside air can get stale if you don't have a fan and a plan

The Basics of Residential Electrical Systems


The first in a series of 'Basics' videos on residential electricity. This one is on receptacles.

9 Ways to Hide a Minisplit


These mighty-mites can provide heating, cooling, and air-mixing for a well-insulated house, but they look so darned—European. It is hard for many Americans to warm up to them.  


Stack Effect: 7 Minutes of BS (#buildingscience)


Stack effect is relentless: it is always working, when you’re awake or asleep, even during blackouts. And it feeds on itself.