Paints, Glues, & Sealants

It Takes 10 Minutes to Waterproof a Shampoo Niche #TheRightWay


"This is the most important part to waterproof because this is the place where all the water will end up and it might leak if not done correctly." 

—Michal Mroczko

Seal Holes from Pipes and Wires


An item on the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. Item 5.1.2, to be exact ...

Architectural Postcards from Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is an architectural voyeur’s destination, with gothic, and ornate classical buildings that rival Europe in grandeur. There are also a lot of cool homes, and street-level building craft to admire.

Instant Joinery Tip for Woodworking and Trim Carpentry

2P-10 woodworker-glue

A secret weapon in the war on loose joints: 2P-10 a two-part glue that dries in ten seconds.

Air Sealing Details for a Net Zero Energy Home

The air sealing process for a high performance home with double-stud walls. 

Airtight Drywall: Step by Step


With blower door tests in the building code, it is up to more than just the insulators or the GC to deliver results: many trades have a stake.


Adhesives, Fasteners, and Simulated Disasters


How much stronger is a house with key parts glued and nailed together rather than just nailed together?


The Pen Test for Air-, Water- and Thermal-Tightness

 water-barrier 2.jpg

Water and air leaks in a building shell are difficult enough to detail on simple buildings. Complex structures can cause headaches for builders, remodelers, and architects who don't pick up their pens and trace at the design stage.

Tile Waterproofing for Cement Backer Board

weep gaps at bottom of tile

Retiling a tub surround is a common remodeling project because tubs have a track record for quitting early

How to Repair a Sinking Concrete Slab

Image — sinking slab & pool patio repair

Repairing a cracked and sinking concrete pool patio and it's adjoining concrete slab walkway by injecting high-density foam under it

The Humble Dropcloth

dropcloth photo

The humble drop cloth, protector of floors and furniture from paint drips and sawdust and fragments of fiberglass like stiffer bits of spiderweb ...

Air Sealing Basics—Begin at the Plate

It's easy to air seal the middle of the wall where there are no gaps, cracks, or joints. The edges are a different story, especially when one edge is wood and the other is concrete.