Siding & Exterior Trim

2015 IRC Deck Ledger Bolt Placement

Deck ledger bolting patterns video image

The days of staggering bolts every 16 inches or so are over—especially if you want to step down to the deck


Crown Molding Q&A: Matching Crown Molding Profiles Up the Rake


When the humps don't match the bumps, you need a second molding profile—or you can eliminate the plumb cut


Awesome Wall: Because Sometimes We Screw Up


Belt, suspenders, rainscreen, and redundancy make this wall awesome.

3-Coat Stucco Retrofit

3-coat stucco with color coat_lead.png

A  plastering contractor upgrades an ugly exterior in Northern California.

Vapor Permeance: 7 Minutes of BS—Building Science w/a Beat


Vapor barriers cause a lot more harm than good in many parts of North America. Understanding vapor barriers begins with knowing what it means to be one

Construction Disruption Collection: Robots, CNC Routing, and 3D Printing

Video showing the Guardian GT Big Arm robot

3D Printing is hereby put on notice that it is not the disruptive sweetheart of the construction world anymore. ROBOTS are everywhere.


Reservoir Cladding and Mass Walls: 7 Minutes of BS


Siding is supposed to shed water away from walls; so what's the deal with siding that absorbs water?


Work in Progress: The Cisterna Cottage

The ongoing saga about designing and constructing a tiny house in Ecuador

When Drip Edge Becomes A Double Agent


The mission of water is to turn houses to mush. Some drip edge flashings may actually help water accomplish this mission.

What’s Wrong with Vinyl Siding? It’s Not What You Think

Andres Duany defends the bad boy of exterior claddings, and urges the industry to up its game