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Trim-Out Tip: Cleaner Tile Cuts (Sandpaper for Ceramic)


Diamonds are ceramic tile cutters best friend. Ok, they are not, but they can sure improve a sanding pad.


How to Remove a (really) Difficult Subfloor


Long wedges cut from 2x4s are extremely effective for removing difficult flooring. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sledgehammer.


Construction Disruption Collection: Robots, CNC Routing, and 3D Printing

Video showing the Guardian GT Big Arm robot

3D Printing is hereby put on notice that it is not the disruptive sweetheart of the construction world anymore. ROBOTS are everywhere.


What Could Cause THOUSANDS of Drywall Screw Pops?


Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #6. A perfect storm of missteps causes an unimaginable 'texture'—or did it?

Easiest Drywall Patch Ever. No, Really.


A hole saw and a scrap of drywall make an invisible patch that is fast and invisible. Did we say invisible?


How to Install Tile in a Tub or Shower Surround


Seven tips for a better installation and some advanced tile saw acrobatics, too


Shower WaterProofing Advanced Topics


7 less common (but potentially problematic) shower waterproofing situations


5 Step Waterproofing System: Best Practices for Tile Showers


All complex assemblies involving multiple trades demand the critical, and constant, focus of supervisors. Where one trade ends and another begins must show continuity. If you do not build redundancy into the system, you are building in risk.


A Wet Wall Demolition Project

A hidden funnel between inside and out dumps water into the wall