DeWalt Carbon Fiber Composite Box Beam Level

The new DeWalt 48 in. carbon fiber composite box beam level is 35 percent lighter than other premium levels of the same size. 

Truck Bed Storage: Roll Out Tool Tray

Sliding truck bed storage tray

A sliding truck bed made with 2x4s, CDX, and some small casters

Video Treat: Turn a Log into Lumber with an 'Alaska Sawmill'

Alaska sawmill.png

Watch a guy make slab lumber out of a redwood log with nothing but a chainsaw, some planks, and a lever.

[OK—and a dustmask and hearing protection]

Sawzall Showdown: Head2Head Tool Test

reciprocating saws (sawzalls) in a line, waiting to be tested.

Editors from took the best-known reciprocating saws through a series of tests to measure performance, features, and how user-friendly they are.

Haiku: My New Best Friend

Plunge cut flush and smooth | Into baseboard or flooring | Money CAN buy happiness 

Tool Tease: SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

SawStop Review.png

Finger-saving safety features are finally available on the jobsite. Just in time for a labor shortage, right? (Part 3)

A Tool Trailer that is All Buttoned Up


For the carpenter who has everything, and needs a place to put it.

Zero Clearance Inserts for a Sliding Table Saw


Zero-clearance inserts reduce tearout and improve safety on a tablesaw

Video Treat: New Sliding Table Saw


For all of us who have never had the pleasure of buying and unpacking a new sliding table table saw, this weekend video treat is for you.