Windows & Doors

Modern Trim Means No Casing Around the Door—and Tricky Corner Bead


Rather than cover the joint between drywall and door frame, celebrate the gap with an architectural reglet

A Window Install in a Thick ZIP Wall


The general idea of installing windows is to plug the big hole that you just cut in the wall.

Windows Into Latin America


Are windows the eyes of a home, or a gateway to its soul? 

The Gruesome Tale of FrankenDoor


Some original bones and mashed up meat make a door whose secret is safe

Awesome Wall: Because Sometimes We Screw Up


Belt, suspenders, rainscreen, and redundancy make this wall awesome.

Cold Climate Passive House Retrofit in Connecticut

A collection of five videos on a Passive House Retrofit in Sharon, CT (climate zone 5) executed by Ben Bogie, Built to Last, LLC

Jobsite Test: Is Your New Window Watertight?


A simple test to verify that windows are waterproof BEFORE you install them.

Latino Locksets and Other Interesting Door Hardware


Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #11. Sidewalk snapshots of South American door hardware

Las Puertas del Puerto (Rico)


Doors are like eyes, or maybe mouths. They tell you a lot about who's inside. Would you want to walk in and get to know them? 


#OldSchool Nail Puller Gets Tough Nails Out


The go-to tool for extracting hard-to-remove nails, and when minimal damage is important.

Innie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation


Recessed into thick layers of insulation, innie windows are protected from the weather


Window Installation Guide

Windows are big holes in walls that must be sealed against wind, water, and heat. This guide covers scope of work, how to install them, and why it matters.