Essential woodworking Jigs

00:00 Ron Paulk: Hi, I'm Ron Paulk. Okay, the Smart Wood Shop. The jigs, the poor man's CNC for making the entire Smart Woods Shop, are complete. And I'm gonna give you a look at them right now. Alright. As you know, I'm making all of my own drawers, I'm making the cubbies, and I'm also making some detailing on the drawers. There's gonna be a lot of repetition. And a lot of folks out there this day and age like CNC because they put it in the computer and then the machine starts cutting. Well, I have worked with jigs.

All American Shop Dog


Happy Independence Day from Romeo, the shop dog, an important member of the team at Hull Historical in Fort Worth, TX

How to Glue Long Miter Joints

gluing the heel of a taped miter joint.png

Use tape to clamp and only glue where you have to.

Four Forgotten Woodworking Joints


First-time attempts at joints this woodworker has never seen before


'Floating' Waterfall Coffee Table


All you need to build this table is biscuits, bowties, Festools, and straight edges...


OldSchool Woodworker Chatting it up in his Shop


"Seventh-grade shop was probably the most fun I had in all my school days. That was kind of the beginning of my woodworking career. Here I am, decades later, still sort of in seventh-grade shop."

—Edward Wohl

The Woodworker: 1940 Vocational Guidance Film


A film on the many aspects of woodworking that go into building things with wood—including a pre-robot look at technology displacing workers


Perfect-Width Dadoes: No Math, No Jigs


Use scraps to offset the straight edge allowing you to cut each edge of the dado with opposite edges of a router bit


Woodworking Basics: Wood Expansion and Contraction


Hey Samurai, Aren't you afraid of expansion and contraction? Samurai: "No, I am not afraid of expansion and contraction, and here's why..."


Basic Woodworking Jig for Production Joinery


"For those of you who don't already know the benefits of using guide bushings on your router and simple templates made out of scrap MDF—here's how it goes."


Synthetic Decking for 'Fine' Exterior Woodworking Projects? Yes.

—Steve Maxwell is a home improvement contractor in Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. His website and YouTube page offer many informative videos, articles, and photos.

Composite decking machines smoothly, joins well, and resists weather with the best of 'em.


A 'Good-Enough' Way to Build Drawer Boxes


One way to build drawer boxes fast, efficient, and repeatable


New Entry Door Trim Using Old Corbels

 Judy's Front Door Complete #3.jpg

Architectural salvage leads the design direction of a door in need of replacement


Japanese Carpenters Assemble a Beam with Incredibly Tight Joinery

Two Japanese carpenters demonstrate the mortise joinery used to assemble a built-up beam. The claim is that the joined beam is as strong as a solid one.