Choosing a DIY Spray Foam Pack



Closed Cell, Open, Cell, High Density, Slow-Rise, or Fire Retardant?


Versi-Foam DIY Spray Foam Systems are Professional Grade Insulation Kits that are self-contained and require no outside source of power. 

All Versi-Foam Systems include the “A” and “B” chemical components, dispensing gun, and mixing nozzles.


Versi-Foam Spray Foam Systems are available in three sizes:

  1. The smallest DIY spray foam system, System I, is a hand-held unit which is perfect for patch and repair projects.
  2. The medium sized spray foam systems are convenient because they are portable and contained in one easy to move box. You can carry the tanks in one hand while applying foam with the other.
  3. The largest spray foam systems are the most economical and comes in two portable boxes.

Closed Cell Systems

Versi-Foam closed cell spray foam has a density of 1.75 pounds per cubic foot free rise or a 2 pounds per cubic foot in place. The foam will expand six times its original liquid volume and is tack free in approximately 30 to 45 seconds. The formulation is 97 percent closed cell. It is available in Standard and Flame Retardant formulas.


Open Cell Systems

Versi-Foam open cell spray foam has a density of 0.75 pounds per cubic foot. This foam will expand more than the closed cell formula and is tack free in approximately 2 minutes. The formulation is 92 percent open cell. All of our open cell products are produced in the Flame Retardant formula.


High-Density Systems

Versi-Foam high-density spray foam has a low moisture absorption rate and excellent compressive strength. This foam insulation is designed for roof repair, cryogenic applications and where load-bearing requirements exist.


Slow Rise Systems

Versi-Foam® slow rise spray foam is a Class I (flame retardant) formula with a slower reactivity which is useful in applications where the foam needs to flow to distant areas before it solidifies.


—This video is from Versi-Foam Spray Foam Systems, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. The parent company, RHH Foam Systems, was founded in 1981 by Richard Heitzer, whose extensive experience in the cold storage construction industry recognized the need for a low-pressure disposable spray foam kit for on-the-job use. Their offices are in New Berlin, WI. View all Versi-Foam's content


Download the application & Troubleshooting Guide


hi we fab steel frame job site traiers and would like to use your system ,we have looked at other product but the expense of the equipment exceeded our use my email is [email protected] wm. koenig

Hi Bill, 

I am sending you an email with more information. Thanks for reaching out!


The slab has sunk about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch on a slight angle.  Would your product work.  I am just a homeowner with a limite budget and thought this might be a do it yourself product

Daniel Morrison's picture

I doubt if this product is the one you're looking for, but see this video about a very similar topic:

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