Construction Training Demos on the Main Stage at International Builders' Show

January 5, 2017

Learn the what, how, and why behind high performance building and remodeling with the editors, carpenters, and engineers behind ProTradeCraft


If you attend IBS next week, swing by the #ConstructionTrainingZone for live demos, live podcasts, and to compete in #Jobsite Olympics events.


We will showcase David Joyce and Calvin Cutts, who appear in many videos on ProTradeCraft.

On Tuesday, David and Calvin will demonstrate Window Installation in high performance wall construction strategies and on Wednesday, they will do a roof flashing master class.

Between demos, we will recreate the 7 Minutes of BS podcast with Dan Morrison (ProTradeCraft) Jonathan Smegal (Building Science Laboratories) and we'll feature sheet-metal origami Master John Miller (Tapco) to demonstrate basic and advanced skills. 

After the demos, try your hand at some new skills in #JobsiteOlympics trials (winners get a ProTradeCraft T-shirt!).


The schedule as of now:

Tuesday: High Performance Walls

10:00 DEMO: Airtight House Wrap: Integrating Windows and WRB for Airtight Walls 

High performance builder/remodeler David Joyce and his lead carpenter Calvin Cutts demonstrate how to install house wrap as an air barrier, including how to integrate windows into that air barrier.

11:00 PODCAST: Ten Minutes of Building Science: Thermal Bridging 

A live version of the new award-winning podcast, 7 Minutes of BS featuring Dan Morrison (ProTradeCraft) and Jonathan Smegal (Building Science Laboratories). Today, they explore heat flow through walls, roofs, and floors.

11:15 DEMO: Outside Insulation and Windows: Tight Holes in Thick Walls

High performance builder David Joyce shows where to be finicky and where to roll forward when installing insulation on the outside of a house (hint: be finicky about the windows).

12:00 PODCAST: 10 Minutes of Building Science: Stack Effect

A live version of the hit new podcast, 7 Minutes of BS featuring Dan Morrison (ProTradeCraft) and Jonathan Smegal (Building Science Laboratories) explaining the relentless force that can sabotage comfort and durability. They also answer the “Are Tight Houses Bad?” question.

12:30 HOSE TEST: Window Trim, Flat Walls, and Water Testing Windows

High performance builder David Joyce shows how to trim out a recessed window and get smooth siding over thick exterior insulation. After the installation, we will hose down the wall to see if they got it right!

1:00: Jobsite Olympics: Screw Through Thick Foam Into Studs  

Test your skill at keeping long screws square to the wall while trying to hit the framing behind the foam—a new skill you’ll need soon.

2:30 DEMO: Sheet metal bending basics 

John Miller, of Tapco, teaches the basics of using a brake including hemming seams, measuring, and smart workflow.


2:45 Jobsite Olympics: Brake Skills

Basic bending time trials. It’s not how fast you bend, its how well you bend fast. 

4:00 Block Party— FREE BEER!





Wednesday: Roof Flashing Master Class

10:00 PODCAST: Ten Minutes of Building Science—Ice Dams

A live version of the hit new podcast, 7 Minutes of BS featuring Dan Morrison, of ProTradeCraft, and Jonathan Smegal, of RDH Building Science laboratories discussing this annual home wrecker.

10:30 DEMO: Sheet Metal Origami

John Miller, of Tapco Tools, will demonstrate how to bend basic shapes from coil stock, such as drip edge, outside corners, and fascia. 

Jonathan Smegal joins for a few minutes to talk about the best shape of drip edge, based on his testing and research.


11:00 Jobsite Olympics: Drip Edge Derby 

Bend a one-foot section of drip edge flashing. Contestants are judged on speed and quality (it’s not how fast you bend, its how well you bend fast).

12:00 DEMO: Edge Flashing: Storm Proof and Ice Dam Protection 

High performance builder David Joyce details edge flashings on a roof to stop sideways rain and upward ice.

12:30 DEMO: Sheet Metal Origami Master Class

Prepare to be amazed as BrakeMaster John Miller, with Tapco Tools, tackles some advanced shapes—like crown molding, and some critical ones, like kickout flashing.

12:45 Jobsite Olympics: Kickout Flashing Countdown

Bend a kickout flashing start to finish. Contestants are tested on speed and quality (it’s not how fast you bend, its how well you bend fast). 
Judges: John Miller and David Joyce

1:30 DEMO: Kickout Flashing and Step Flashing Roof/Wall Joints

High performance builder /remodeler David Joyce demonstrates how to keep water from the roof out of the walls. And how to make that flashing verifiable from the ground.


4:00 Block Party—FREE BEER!