Fire Code Solution for Basements with Exposed I Joists: ROCKWOOL's SAFE‘n’SOUND

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Builders love ROCKWOOL's SAFE‘n’SOUND mineral wool batts because they are specifically sized and formulated to exceed the fire provisions in the building code


Matt Risinger explains why he chooses ROCKWOOL for as many applications as possible for the custom homes he builds in Austin, TX

"If you're a builder or a modeler who's using engineered I-joists, you may be affected by a fire code change to the 2012 IRC. Hi, my name's Matt Risinger, I'm a builder in Texas, and I wanna show you an affordable way to comply with this new fire code change.

We're gonna be talking specifically today about ROCKWOOL's SAFE'n'SOUND batts. ROCKWOOL is a stonewall material that's naturally fire-resistant. I used a torch on this and I was super impressed with the results.

Let's say you're building an unfinished basement with I-joists, or maybe a garage or a mechanical space, most builders across the nation are complying with this code change under section R501.3 by using expensive and messy drywall. But here's how ROCKWOOL batts can do it for you.

All we have to do to get a rated assembly is install these ROCKWOOL SAFE'n'SOUND batts between our I-joists and now we have a rated assembly.

These batts are easy to install, they cut with either a bread knife or an insulation knife, and then once we place them in the I-joist space, we're just gonna put an insulation clip in there and it's gonna hold everything together.

Now we have a rated assembly, it meets code, it's got the protection that we need from fire, but it also has a couple of other benefits. We also have a thermal and a sound solution with these batts.

I think your clients are really gonna like this. For more information, visit


—This video is from ROCKWOOL, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. See all of ROCKWOOL's videos here.


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