How to Negotiate a Better Starting Salary at a New Job: DON'T

August 5, 2016

This is an experimental podcast about career advice for people who have jobs. 

This podcast is about how to improve your career trajectory by understanding the big picture, little picture, and the medium picture.

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An article on Medium came through my inbox the other day called Salary Negotiation: How Not To Set A Bunch of Money On Fire.

I'm a sucker for interviewing and career articles, because I have had a really varied career and I've been on both sides of the job interview table a LOT.

So I clicked it.

And then I read it.

And my head exploded. This is the worst. advice. ever.


Look, this article wasn't written for carpenters or tradespeeps, but I think it is a good inaugural topic for my Self Destruct podcast (Thgis podcast will self destruct so you don't have to) because it touches on a lot of the things that I think a lot of folks don't think about in the day-to-day working world. 

The article begins by telling you not to answer my question about what your desired salary is.


It also says not to tell me your current salary.

OK, how am I supposed to put together an offer—that you will accept—if you won't tell me what you want?

"Until you've got something, you've got nothing,"

Mark Horstman, Manager Tools


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Here’s the bottom line:
Unless you are being recruited away from a current job to another, BIGGER, job, don’t sabotage your long-term relationship by imposing ill-will: either by not answering my questions during the interview, being cagey, or trying to nickel and dime me during the job offer. 


—Dan Morrison is technical editor of ProTradeCraft. The judgment expressed in this podcast come from his career experience. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. Dan has a lot of experience.