Ben Bogie | August 30, 2018

Video // Plumbing, Electrical

PRO Picks: Airtight Work Boxes


Seal holes in the air barrier with gasketed workboxes


"For any of our exterior electrical outlets and switch boxes, we use these airtight boxes here. They have a silicone ring welded on to it. That allows us, when we're doing an interior air barrier/vapor barrier, to just cut out around the box and apply some sealant to stick the two and make a really nice, airtight connection. 

There are other ways to do it, you can sit here with little pieces of tape and caulk, and drive yourself crazy trying to tape to traditional boxes, but for the extra less than a dollar a box, it's money well spent."

—Ben Bogie, remodeler of 2017 Model Remodel project

Source: Allied Moulded

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