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Roofing Tools and Roof Prep


The first steps of roofing are having the right tools and the job and knowing the game plan


Jeff Williams, with IKO Roofing, talks about the tools necessary for a professional roof installation.



Proper and safe tools are the key to any successful job.

Ladders should always be sturdy and long enough to reach the roof area at the proper angle, approximately one-quarter of the vertical height out from the wall and should extend about 1m (3’) above the eaves.  Make sure your ladder or scaffolding is tied off at the roof edge and all locking devices are secured.

Vertical and horizontal chalk lines are applied to ensure accurate shingle alignment over the roof surface.

The roofing knife blade is hooked for cutting and fitting asphalt shingles.

The hammer may either be a well-balanced claw hammer or a specially designed roofer’s hatchet.

You will also need a nail apron and perhaps a pair of knee pads.

A caulking gun, putty knife, pointed trowel or brush are used for applying the asphalt plastic cement.

Tin snips will be used to cut metal flashing materials.

A circular saw may be required for repairing or replacing damaged decking.

A pry-bar is a handy tool for lifting hard to get at shingles and flashings.

A square-edge shovel or pitchfork is an excellent tool for removing old shingles.

Galvanized roofing nails are the best fastener to use for roofing, ensuring that they are driven straight, so that the nail head is flush with the shingle surface.

Protect shrubbery, air conditioners, bay windows or other protrusions from falling debris by using tarps or sheets of plywood.

And a good-sized waste receptacle should be placed conveniently below the area being worked on.

The right tools make any job easier. 

But that’s not all you have to think about. In our next video, we’ll review the most important aspect of any roofing job – Safety. Until then, I’m Jeff Williams and thanks for watching IKO TV.


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