Repair Large Cracks in Concrete with Fast Setting Cement Patcher

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Sakrete Fast Set Cement Patcher is the ideal product for the rapid repair of irregular cracks in a concrete slab.



  • Using a hammer and chisel, chip away at the edge of the crack to ensure that all loose material is removed. It may be necessary to widen the crack in some places.

  • Once the material is removed from the crack, use a brush to remove as much of the loose debris as you can.

  • To ensure the area is adequately prepared for the repair, use a pressure washer or water hose to clean the porous area of dirt and surface built-up. This will contribute to obtaining a good bond between the existing concrete and the repair material. Be sure to remove excess water from the crack before applying the fast set cement patcher.

  • Follow the mixing instructions from the pail, adding the water to the pail first. Once the water is in the pail, add the dry powder to the water, this will ensure that all the material at the bottom of the pail is evenly mixed.

  • Using a margin trowel, thoroughly mix the material until all lumps have disappeared. 

  • Using the margin trowel, place the material in the crack. In thin sections it may be necessary to turn the trowel sideways to ensure the void is filled.

  • Continue using the trowel to fill the voids. It may be necessary to use a finishing trowel and apply pressure to fill some of the voids. Once the voids are filled, use the trowel to smooth the surface

  • Using the margin trowel, place the material in the crack. In thin sections it may be necessary to turn the trowel sideways to ensure the void is filled.

  • Use the trowel to put a neat edge on the repair and remove any excess material from joint areas. Use a wet brush to smooth and blend the patch to the existing concrete surface

The result: A permanent crack repair using Sakrete Fast Setting Cement Patcher 


Tools needed:

  • Hammer and chisel
  • Pressure washer or garden hose with high pressure nozzle
  • Mixing container
  • Finishing or margin trowel
  • Brush


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