Sell More Decks with MiTek Deck Designer



A free online interactive design tool that allows you and your clients to create the deck of their dreams

MiTek Deck Designer not only enables you to design decks with your customers on the spot, but also gives your customers the freedom to design a deck on their own without the need for high-level tech skills, and then provides them with the plans and materials needed for you to build it.

Deck Designer is user-friendly and includes several customization features, while an available final report provides complete material and cut lists along with permit submittals.  

From homeowners, DIY-ers, deck dreamers, to professional deck builders, Deck Designer has a list of impressive features that will have you creating deck designs most only dream of.

Using just your mouse, the 3D perspective allows you to size, shape, rotate and zoom your design, and intuitive push-pull points allow for adjustments to any dimension.

Local building codes can be incorporated into the deck design

The settings menu on the right side allows for local code requirements to be factored into the design and structure of each deck, and enables you to set preferences for footer depths, live and static load values, and even preferred joist spacing.  



The left navigation menu is conveniently arranged in the typical order of a deck design project and provides control over all design aspects, such as dimension, materials, shape, etc. 



Multi-level deck design is easy

Deck designs can include multiple levels, stairs and landings, wall attachments or freestanding features, even interior openings for trees or structures. Decking materials and trim details can be customized with a wide range of material options as well.



While designing the deck, the structural elements are included as the visual elements are created in real-time, including post, beam, and joist sizes used.  



Structural connections are built-in to the deck design software

Structural connectors are also accurately displayed in the 3D view and automatically added to the materials list.  Select from a range of finishes and coatings for fasteners and hardware for an added visual appeal.



Add outdoor living features like furniture, grills, and a hot tub

Many common accessories can be added for visual reference when designing the deck, including seating, tables, umbrellas, and grills. The software even allows users to import house photos to perfectly visualize how the deck will look in the real setting.



Add larger elements like spas or openings for existing landscape features to your design and the software will automatically adjust your deck’s structure to accommodate.



Railing info included, too

Railings, materials needs, and structural components are all automatically adjusted, with materials and hardware needs calculated and included with every design change.  All Designs can be saved, printed, emailed, and exported while a printable report provides complete material and cut lists along with permit submittals.




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