Shaker-Style Interior Doors Give Subtle Pop

March 9, 2016


Simple lines can go a long way

Editor's note: This article first appeared on Professional Remodeler's ModelRemodel website.


Doors with vertical, raised panels are the expected trendy option. Designer Carrie Hatfield goes for a Shaker-style door that’s just as clean and sleek.

The Shaker-style two-panel door by Frameport, used at the Model ReModel home

A great summary of the Shaker aesthetic has been compiled by no other than the wonderful voluntary editors of Wikipedia:

“Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers, a religious sect that had guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. Their beliefs were reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs.”


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York said:

“Shaker communities were largely self-sufficient: in their attempt to separate themselves from the outside world and to create a heaven-on-earth, members grew their own food, constructed their own buildings, and manufactured their own tools and household furnishings.”


Furniture in Shaker Church Family House, Hancock, Berkshire County, Mass. Photo courtesy of the Historic American Buildings Survey.

If you’re still curious, here are some examples of Shaker-styled homes from Houzz, and here’s a great pin board of Shaker Interiors on Pinterest.

One of the trendier choices today is vertical, raised panels, but the homeowner didn’t think that would work with the more classic look of the home.  Surprisingly, it’s not easy to find a solid wood door with two flat panels.

These doors are pine and will be smoothed and painted. Solid wood doors have a lot more heft than hollow or MDF options and they’re an excellent value for the money. They last longer, provide better insulation and block sound much more effectively.'


—Adilla Menayang, Assistant Digital Editor, Professional Remodeler