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Tool Review: 110V Jobsite Board Stretcher


DuhWalt's revolutionary new technology can help you get from D’oh to Done when you have boards that are too short on one end


Hi, I’m Matt Jackson and this is Next Level Carpentry

Today I’m totally stoked because the good folks at DuhWALT have granted exclusive rights to Next Level Carpentry and yours truly to release their latest revolutionary piece of shop equipment: the BS1000 Board Stretcher!

So, if you’re like me and occasionally end up with boards that are too short on one end, just stick around and I’ll show you how to fix ‘em!


THIS is the brand-new Board Stretcher by DuhWALT: their BS1000 and you’re seeing it exclusively here on the Next Level Carpentry Channel!

The BS1000 is compact enough to be portable from workshop to jobsite and robust enough to handle anything you throw at it… well, not ANYthing. At its core, the BS 1000 uses dendrochronological calibrating for cambium retroencabulation that infers elongated lignin into wood fibers.

The embigulation knob is used for adjustments to the machine allowing it to reestablish longitudinal verisimilitude for cellular extension with its helical octiron mechanism. Specially formulated Fuller brand Board-Stretching medium (show 5lb sack labeled 10lbs) is added to the on-board hopper and assimilated for retroition of de-lengthened boards.  

Do keep in mind that phase inductance from wind and solar power sources provide optimum performance during operation.

I used to say ‘I can cut ‘em off but I can’t cut ‘em on’ but that’s no longer true. I’ll use this piece as an example of how to fix a de-lengthened board: (close up of board, cutting, etc) I needed to cut it 4’-2” but had a brain cramp and marked it a 42” long instead… and cut it 8” short.

That used to be an embarrassing, if not costly, mistake (toss board in scrap bin) but it’s easy to fix with a BS 1000 on your jobsite or in your shop. 


Here’s how to salvage a board that’s too short on one end:

  • Fill the hopper with Fuller Board Stretching powder. You get 10lbs of Fuller Board Stretcher in the 5lb sack. This stuff looks a lot like regular sawdust but don’t be fooled by cheap imitations… make sure you’re getting genuine Board Stretcher (point to B and S on the sack)
  • Add powder to the hopper and you’re all set
  • Adjust the embigulation knob to re-lengthen the piece you screwed up… I always err on the long side because now I can measure once and cut twice, right?
  • Keep the machine running during the cellular extension phase after turning it on with the large paddle switch.
  • At only 27db the BS1000 can be used safely without ear protection but, in case of a malfunction, you might want to wear boots because if any Board Stretcher overflows it tends to get deep very quickly.
  • Feed the board into the stretcher. (use shot of hopper being emptied as segue for moving to outfeed side)
  • Extract the board as it rolls out of the octiron mechanism using protective gloves for boards you’ve really screwed up because adding more than 12” can cause uncomfortable heat buildup in the piece.

That’s all there is to it!  No more special trips back to the lumberyard for an extra board when you’ve messed up.

So next time you cut a board twice and it is STILL too short, just remember these simple steps: 

  • Fill the Hopper with Fuller Board Stretcher.
  • Adjust the embigulation knob.
  • Keep the machine running during the cellular extension phase.
  • Extract the board and catch it as it comes out.

Unlike other resizing activities, you can’t even see stretch marks on the piece when it’s done.


Wrap Up:

Well, I hope you’ve learned enough about the DuhWALT BS1000 from this video to understand how this revolutionary new technology can help you get from D’oh to Done when you have boards that are too short on one end! 

The BS1000 is available exclusively for viewers and subscribers of Next Level Carpentry beginning April 1st, 2018 from your favorite online source!

Be sure to use this offer code (show “IFL4IT” in a callout) when filling out the order screen to get free shipping, PLUS, for a limited time you’ll also receive a 5lb. sack with 10lbs. of Fuller Board-Stretcher in it. 

Don’t pass up this exclusive offer from this channel because if you cut a board twice and it’s still too short you can fix it in a flash with DuhWALTS new BS1000!

Remember, you heard a lot of BS1000 information from me so stay tuned for more… and thanks for watching!



I've used this scrap saver many times. Never seen anything like it. Well worth the money I've spent on it.

Thanks William for sharing your rave review of the BS1000 to let others know its worth it's weight in Board Stretcher :-)


This BS1000 looks like the latest Must Have for the Shop. You mention that it works great for boards that are too short on one end, but if you’re like me occasionally you run across a really tough case with a board that’s too short on both ends ... can the BS1000 handle this?

The BS easily handles boards that are short on both ends, even in cases where one short end is actually shorter than the other!  For best results, always feed the short end into the machine first since the helical octiron is better able to embigulate the piece that way

Best Regards,

Matt Jackson

Next Level Carpentry

April fools ???????

Well, maybe :-)

When I cut a board twice and it was still too short, I understand that I need to use the BS1000 twice.  What I wasn't clear on was the waiting period between uses.  Someone in the office told me I has to wait forever and a day and that seemed a bit too long.  Is there an attachment that will shorten the waiting period?  Please clarify.

ToM S, Yours is a situation where phase inductance from wind and/or solar power sources is required to reduce retroencabulation cycling time.  Hope that helps?

Best regards, Matt

She said I couldn't. She was right. But with the BS1000, I did.


Will post image of DIY china hutch later.

Thanks for your report of marital bliss restored!  FYI it's my understanding that Dr Phil was an 'angel investor' in development of the BS1000 for exactly the scenario you esperienced!

Best, Matt

Does the BS 1000 work better during a certain season of the year when the poles of the earth are in perfect alignment with the axis of the sun?  According to my calculations, for maximum effectiveness, the BS 1000 should work best on the first day of April each year?  Have you found this to be true?

Old Fart

You, sir, are a WIZARD!  Your calculations are Boarderline Scientific, Beyond Sensible and Beautifully Said... thanks for contributing your measure of B.S. to the ongoing discussion for the BS1000! :-)


What if the fuse blows in the middle? Or the power company can't keep up?

Be Sure it doesn't happen to you... Bad Stuff will happen!  I have no idea what, but it's got to be really bad, so bad, in fact that it's Beyond Speculation.  Keep this Bad Scenario from ruining your day and don't Be Subjected to a shortage of electricity if you can help it!


At the risk of me getting run off of this website, I just wanted to add another insight that occurred to me as a no-Duh moment after cogitating some more on the optimal season of the year for the BS 1000 to work the best.  Why I didn't think of this sooner and share it with all of you earlier defies logic.  But here goes:  Besides the optimal day of April 1 to press the BS 1000 into service, any day of the year that has a full moon should likewise yield excellent results in stretching  boards due to the additional gravitational pull of the moon on those days.  Hope this helps!

Old Fart


Your comment is one that cements you with legitimacy here, Old Fart, not risk a run-off!  Thanks for your observations which are not only observant but insightful.  Full moon cycles are definitely influential, and if you want real proof, just fire up your BS1000 on a Blue Moon and, whoa, look out!  I've notice output boosted by many microns because of it!

Best, Matt

All those little lines on my tape measure are really confusing for me. Until they make a tape without so many lines, I think your machine will help me a lot. I don't have a checking account, can I mail you cash?

I know what you mean, Beau, them lil' marks is confusin'! I'm always amazed at the finest markings on my Starrett combination square... someone said they go down to 1/64" or something!  Wow, when I look at all those little lines jammed together from one inch mark to the next I think  "they're so close... there must be a hundred of 'em!"

Best, Matt

I could have used one of these so many times.  I am glad that someone finally is selling this unit. 

I began my career right out of high school many years ago as an apprentice cabinetmaker.   I would like to have $1.00 for every time I needed a board stretcher.  I would be able to pay cash for this unit !!



I live on a farm and have access to a LOT of manure and always trying to find ways to get rid of it. Do you know if they plan a cordless model that can run on manure?


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