Anchoring Bolts & Railings with Sakrete Anchor Cement

December 2, 2019


A solid connection for adding bolts to existing concrete

Anchor cement is a very high strength, fast setting fluid material, designed to anchor bolts, railings or most metal objects in concrete. Always mix according to the directions on the container; this is a rapid setting product.



  • When mixing, always begin by adding the water first to a mixing pail, then add sufficient material to produce a fluid mixture. For larger pours, over twenty pounds of anchor cement can be mixed at a time using a power drill with a mixing paddle in a five gallon bucket. 
  • Don’t try to mix too much at one time since this is a rapid setting product.
  • Pour the anchor cement into the cavity, filling it completely. If used in an environment where the patch will get wet, overfill the hole slightly and as it stiffens, gently slope the material so water will move away from the patch.
  • Anchor cement will set to a very hardened state within twenty minutes. 


Tools needed:

  • Mixing container
  • Measuring container
  • Mixing Tool


NOTE: For complete product information, please refer to product data sheet. 


—This video is provided by Sakrete, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. A leader in concrete and concrete-related products for 80 years, Sakrete led the way for premixed bagged concrete and was the first company to provide concrete specified for strength, not proportion, which continues today. View all of Sakrete's content


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