AZEK Trim Installation Overview: Best Practices

May 8, 2023


How to cut, fasten, glue, and paint AZEK trim with PaintPro technology

AZEK TRIM WITH PAINTPRO® TECHNOLOGY is a premium trim product, superior to wood and other trim substitutes. 

Significantly lighter than alternative substrates like fiber cement, it’s easy to carry and install.

AZEK trim products do not absorb water, so they’re less susceptible to swelling and distortion from moisture. 

AZEK trim will not rot, split, splinter, delaminate, warp or swell excessively from moisture. This makes AZEK trim suitable for ground contact.

Cutting and machining AZEK Trim

AZEK Trim and Moulding products can be cut and machined using the same tools used to cut lumber. 

Carbide blade tips designed to cut wood trim will produce a crisp, clean edge. 

[Fastener options:]
Use durable fasteners that will match AZEK Trim’s longevity, such as stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized fasteners that are designed for wood trim and siding.

#8 trim screws or siding nails from a coil nailer also work well with AZEK Trim and Moulding products. 

If using a coil nailer, adjust the air pressure and depth drive so that the fasteners are flush to the surface.

For premium results, AZEK recommends the Cortex Collated Fastening System.

Fastening and Adhesives for AZEK Trim

AZEK trim is made of engineered polymers, so it is important to follow AZEK’s fastening guidelines. Do not fasten AZEK trim like you would with wood, fiber-cement, or other materials.

The summarized points below are a quick reference to key installation differences with AZEK trim. 

We will walk through these steps now.

Let's go over the best practice method for installing AZEK Trim products:

Fasten each board within 2 inches of the end. 

Fasteners should penetrate a wood substrate at least 1-½ inches.

Boards under 8” wide will need, 2 fasteners every 16 inches maximum 
Boards wider than eight inches will require three fasteners at each end and at a max of every 16-inches. 

Joints between two pieces of AZEK trim and Molding materials should be glued to eliminate joint separation.
Make sure the gluing surfaces are smooth, clean, and in complete contact with each other.

For best results, glue all AZEK-to-AZEK joints with AZEK Cellular PVC Cement, which has a working time of 10 minutes and will be fully cured in 24 hours.

Fasten each side of the joint with fasteners within 2 inches.

For scarf joints, be sure to avoid fastening through the actual joint.

To bond AZEK Trim and Mouldings to other substrates, various adhesives can be used. 
Consult the adhesive manufacturer to determine suitability.

Expansion and contraction of AZEK trim 

AZEK Trim and Moulding products expand and contract with changes in temperature. This movement will be primarily along its length, not its width.  
Fasten and install AZEK trim tight per the fastening guidelines in the previous section. 

Properly fastening AZEK Trim and Moulding along its entire length will minimize movement. 

Painting AZEK trim with PaintPro Technology

When painting AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology, use the right paint type and color that will ensure a long-lasting painted finish with truly low maintenance. Painting AZEK a dark color may increase movement if the wrong paint type is used. 

When selecting your color, determine the light reflectance value of that color. This should be provided by the paint manufacturer. The light reflectance value of a paint will be a number between zero and a hundred. You can often find the LRV of paint color on the paint manufacturer’s website or on the color swatches at the paint store.

Always use 100% acrylic latex paint, and always make sure your paint is suitable for exterior application. Lighter colors with a light reflectance value above 55 can be used on all AZEK products.
For darker colors below 55, use colors formulated for use on vinyl siding or specialty paints with solar reflectance pigments—available from multiple paint manufacturers. If using a color with an LRV below 55, verify that it meets AZEK painting guidelines on

To quickly find the right color and exterior paint product for your next AZEK project, check out our recommended color lists, organized by paint store at


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