Azek Universal Skirt Board: Builder Testimonial

October 30, 2019


A trim board that flashes and kicks out the bottom course of siding

The old way to install skirtboards for lap siding is to carefully flash it into the weather barrier and then rip down some siding to make starter strips.

The starter strip that would be made on-site would be used to kick out the bottom of that first piece to match the angle of the others. Altogether this installation method meant site-manufacturing two pieces for assembly which took more time and increased labor costs.

AZEK's Universal skirt board is designed to simplify this situation. 

The top flange easily tucks behind house wrap, which makes metal flashing unnecessary.

What this product is, is basically a band board, a starter strip, and a drip cap all in one. With this band board, our crews and installers, it takes two guys to install this board about fifteen minutes

—Kelly Wysienski, Carolina Pro Exteriors

With AZEK's Universal Skirt Board, you'll have less product on the ground and more on the wall at the end of the day. 


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