Do’s and Don’ts of Epoxy Types

October 6, 2017

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MiTek offers a complete line of high-performance epoxies for applications ranging from heavy industrial seismic and wind applications to household projects. 


Do you need to know how much epoxy your job needs? Quickly calculate the number of cartridges using the USP Epoxy Quantity Estimator. Run our web application on your desktop, smartphone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • The Epoxy Estimator works with Threaded Rods or Rebar.
  • Simply enter the quantity, rod diameter, and drilled hole depth.
  • Choose the USP epoxy type and the required number of cartridges is instantly displayed.
  • Both US and Metric units are supported. 

Click here to estimate your epoxy needs.


Do's and Don'ts of Choosing Epoxy:


Anchoring Solutions:

CIA-GEL 7000-C Cracked Concrete Epoxy

CIA-GEL 7000-C Epoxy is an adhesive designed to attach anchor bolts into concrete that is, or may become, cracked due to cyclic loading from wind or earthquakes.

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CIA-GEL 7000 Masonry Epoxy

CIA-GEL 7000 Epoxy is a structural adhesive specifically designed to attach anchor bolts into fully grouted concrete masonry units (CMU) and has recently been evaluated to ICC-ES AC58 for seismic, sustained load, elevated temperature and freeze-thaw suitability conditions.

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CIA-GEL 6000-GP General Purpose & DOT Epoxy

CIA-GEL 6000-GP is a superior epoxy specifically designed for general purpose structural applications that require quick load times and for doweling applications requiring state DOT approval.

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CIA-EA Uncracked Concrete Epoxy Acrylate

CIA-EA Adhesive Anchoring System is an epoxy acrylate specifically designed to be a high strength, fast cure structural adhesive for anchoring threaded rod and deformed rebar into uncracked concrete.

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​INCREDI-BOND Multi-Purpose Epoxy

INCREDI-BOND is a high strength two-component epoxy specifically designed to be a bonding agent for almost all household materials including wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone and CMU block.

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