Field Trip to the AdvanTech Panel Factory!

January 10, 2018


Questions and answers with technical experts about the engineering, endurance, and manufacturing of a durable, flat subfloor

Watch an exclusive tour inside the makings of AdvanTech® subfloor and sheathing, to learn what makes the structural engineered wood panels uniquely moisture resistant, strong and flat under harsh jobsite conditions.



This is building science at Huber Engineered Woods.

From a difficult installation process to moisture issues on the job site, a lot can go wrong with the subfloor. The AdvanTech flooring product is specifically engineered for maximum strength, moisture resistance, and installation ease, which are vital components for the backbone of the home. 


Q: For me a subfloor or a floor is a floor, there’s some major differences though from you guys with some of your competitors, what are they?

Number one, I would say the types of raw materials we use, the liquid resin and the MDI, where most of the competitive products is typical, OSB resins throughout.

The overall quality of the product, you can see the floor is out here in the snow — we put a 500-day exposure warranty on the product because we know that it can withstand the elements like this, where other products are going to degrade over time, they are going to lose structural integrity.

Other products, they’re going to swell, they are going to have issues. With AdvanTech, you’re going to have the promise that you’re not going to have to worry about that. 


Q: You guys are warranting and have done the science and the testing behind it to ensure its durability through all weather elements.

Yeah, for the quality of the product, and we do testing nonstop, you know every four hours when we’re manufacturing in the mills, we’re pulling panels, looking at all different types of properties, the big ones being you strengthen your stiffness, but definitely your moisture as well.

All these different things that we know can be a problem on a job site. We test that routinely to ensure that we’re providing that builder or that contractor with the product that he needs to succeed. 


Q: Take me through the AdvanTech Flooring finishing process.

The AdvanTech products, flooring products specifically, enters our finishing system and receives a full sand on the top surface and the bottom surface of the panel. From there, the product passes to our booksaw where we cut our specific dimensional requirements for the product, typically the 4x8.

From that part of the process, we move on to our tongue & groove line, and we’re putting an edge profile on that, a tongue on one side, a groove on the other, and the intent there is consistent fit of the panels, each and every time when we lay them together.

So you couple consistent fitness with a smooth fit on the tongue & groove, you get a consistent, performing floor over and over and over every time. 


Q: And that’s helpful for the builder or the contractor for the installation process?

Absolutely. On the job site, nothing is more frustrating than a product that takes most of the day to install or that needs major education to your subs. A patented fastening guide and a durable tongue & groove profile in the self-spacer eliminate this guesswork. 


Q: What is a fastening guide?

A fastening guide is a grid system that is marked on the surface of the panel that promotes ease of installation. So it’s quick, you put the panel up, and depending on the spacing that you’re building on, you follow the certain grid pattern and it’s where you put your fasteners into the panel. 


Q: That is eliminating the guesswork, that is eliminating measurements, that’s eliminating a lot of things and time.

It’s a time saver. You take the guesswork out of the installation portion of the experience you have with the product. 


Q: So this is a full panel we’re looking at here, by 4x4. Tell me why the full panel testing is necessary for you guys. 

We feel that a full panel bending examination of the panel is more replicative of what you would see on a job site — what a homeowner’s going to feel when that panel is installed in their house. 


Q: And that all drives you to the ESR-1785?

Correct. So our ESR-1785 is issued only to AdvanTech Subflooring & Sheathing. It says we are going to meet a higher bending strength, bending stiffness, fastener-holding capacity, planar shear, all these things that are very important to jobsite performance. 

AdvanTech Flooring’s highly compressed panels, advanced resins, and an edge sealant are just some of the items that combine to bring moisture protection and durability on the jobsite, and for the life of the home. Next, we look at the revolutionary science behind the ZIP System sheathing & tape from Huber Engineered Woods on Building Science. 


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