Firewall Joist Hanger Installation Instructions

June 14, 2019


A joist hanger that separates floor framing from the wall—before installing drywall

MiTek's FWH Firewall Hanger is the first of its kind to have a 2-hour fire rating that can be installed before gypsum drywall.

To install, place the FWH firewall hanger on the top of the wall with front flanges tight to the header or wall framing.

Next, nail the top flange into place with six 10d common nails and insert the framing member into the hanger. The maximum gap should be 1/8-inch between the beam or truss member and front, and there should be at least a 1-7/16-inch difference gap maintained in the hanger extension flange.

Proceed by installing 10d by 1-1/2-inch nails into the carried truss or joist, and complete the framing as required before drywall installation.

The FWH-T template may be used to cut a slot in the drywall using a rotary tool so that the gypsum board can then be slid into place and secured.

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