Hardy Frame Shear Wall System Features and Benefits

April 7, 2019


What to look for in a Shear Wall System

The Hardy Frame Shear Wall System is the leading pre-fabricated shear wall in the residential and multi-family building industry.

The strength, stiffness and ductility of the Hardy Frame System enable architectural design that maximizes window and door openings without compromising the structural integrity.

Our Shear Wall System is composed of Panels, Brace Frames and Special Moment Frames.

Panels are a “C-Shape” available in 9 through 24 inch widths and Brace Frames are rectangular with a single diagonal member available in 32 and 44 inch widths.

Special Moment Frames are a structural steel product that can be custom engineered and made to job specific conditions.



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Download the Infographic:

Hardy sheer wall illustration