Hemming and Seaming an Edge on Coil Stock Using a Tapco Brake

March 9, 2023


How to bend two basic shapes on a Tapco brake 

One of the simplest bends to learn when working with coil stock sheet metal is hemming an edge. Going one step further, you can create a seaming connection.

To hem the edge of sheet metal

  • Use the front of the brake as a guide to align the edge of the sheet metal. This will yield a consistent 3/4-inch hem.
  • Fold the brake up as far as the hinge will allow
  • Remove the workpiece and drop it into the hinge pocket, lifting up on the hinge to pull it into the top of the banana-shaped slots, and bend up with the hinge handle. This closes the bend from the previous step.

To form a hem into a seam:

  • Reinsert the workpiece into the brake until out outer edge of the hem is aligned with the outer edge of the brake
  • Bend up as far as you can
  • Repeat the process of lifting the hinge and closing the bend.

Two critical bends that every Tapco brake professional needs to know.


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