How to Bend Bay Window Corner Posts on a Tapco Brake 

February 21, 2023


How to bend bay window corner posts on a Tapco brake 

One of the problems seen on siding jobs is when siding installers try to stretch a 22-degree or 45-degree vinyl siding corner around a bay window post.

How to bend a corner post for a bay window

  • Starting on the finish side of the metal, bend a 90-degree fold, leaving a 2-inch leg as a nailing flange
  • Flip the workpiece and band a hem to form a siding pocket with a nailing flange
  • Extend out from the first bend about an inch and bend another 90-degree fold, to begin the opposite siding pocket, moving in reverse order from the first
  • Flip the workpiece, add the siding pocket hem
  • Tweak each siding pocket about 22-degrees to yield a siding-to-siding 45-degree corner post

Don't try this on a competitor's brake because you will be disappointed in the fact that you can't bend as close to the post as you can on a Tapco brake.


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